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     Volume 7 Issue 3 | January 18, 2008 |

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Lounge Music


The music scene in Dhaka City has suddenly taken a turn, moving slightly away from auditoriums filled with young teenagers and music enthusiasts, to lounges, with musicians performing close by and of course, good food.

On January 4, 'Sound Check', a musical event took place at the B151 lounge situated in Dhanmondi. An initiative taken by Sony Ericsson, the event presented Warfaze, RaaGa and Biloy. According to Media Eight Communications, the firm that organised the event, the main purpose of 'Sound Check' was to promote a fresh sound and bring musicians closer to their fans. This way, after-work diners and young students looking for a place to hang out are introduced to the new lounges and restaurants that are surfacing in the city. Sony Ericsson plans to hold such events on a regular basis in many of the popular lounges in the city.

At least a hundred people were present at the show, watching the legendary band Warfaze coming back to life with a new and improved line up, RaaGa taking the stage after two long years and Biloy a warm up band that enticed the crowd with several of the Beatles' evergreen numbers.


Apart from enjoying the live music, the audience got a chance to interact with the bands as well. One of the audience, Disha, sang along the 'Annie's Song' with RaaGa, much to the amusement of the onlookers. At one point, the audience was asked several questions by the host of the show. Sony Ericsson presented gift hampers and packages to the ones who had answered correctly.

A small crowd had gathered at the back of the restaurant, where Sony Ericsson had set up a customer service centre, Sheba, where the audience was given a chance to upgrade their Sony Ericsson hand sets with the latest software.


The event was a success even though some from the audience complained about the food that they had to buy with their Tk 500 food coupon they purchased upon entry inside the B151 lounge. A fixed menu of a plate of fried rice and two pieces of chicken wings was not what the audience expected from the restaurant, otherwise quite popular for its food and décor amongst consumers living in and around Dhanmondi. "It would have been better if we were given at least a few options with the Tk 500 coupon," says one of the audiences.

More such events are coming up in the next couple of months, where the upcoming bands, the established names and the legends of band music will come together at many of the lounges and restaurants in the city. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity for the fans to watch their favourite musicians up, close and live but it is also a chance for the musicians themselves to perform under a different light, voicing out from a stage all together, new and exciting.


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