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     Volume 7 Issue 6 | February 8, 2008 |

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Dhaka Diary

Detective Dog

I had recently lost my digital camera which was sent to me by my uncle who lives abroad. I had taken so many pictures with it that thinking about it just broke my heart. The device itself was amazing, with all its modes, functions and controls. On the occasion of my younger brother's birthday, I was busy inviting a few friends home to dinner along with their parents. That was when I discovered that my camera was missing, most likely stolen. I had gone out of my mind with grief. It was then that I discovered that my pet bulldog was missing as well. Half an hour later, my mother shouted with excitement that my dog was back, with my lost camera! He must have followed the thief and rescued my camera. I was very happy and was very proud of my dog. As for the thief, he turned out to be nobody but a very good friend of mine.



Playing a Risky Game

As I was crossing the road on my way to class the other day, I came upon a horrible sight. A group of children were playing a peculiar game and were thoroughly enjoying it. They would stand on the middle of the empty street and wait for cars, scooters or any other kind of vehicles to come by. As soon as they would catch sight of coming their way, they would jump with glee and run to the footpaths. They kept on playing this game for quite some time, enjoying the adventure. I went up to them and asked them not to do this as there might be an accident, however the children did not pay any heed whatsoever. I guess kids who live in such abject poverty invent such risky games because of the lack of fields and open spaces in the city.

University of Dhaka

Diary from Mymensingh

Practice what you Preach

Smoking is strictly forbidden in our college. Our teachers always advise us against this habit as it can destroy us. A few days ago a student was smoking in the college. He was caught red handed and as is the custom here, beaten up by a teacher. The next day, however, on my way home, I saw that the same teacher was smoking away in a small shop. As soon as he saw me, he tried to hide himself. I moved away smiling to myself.

Rasel Raymond Dio
Saint Xavier Intermediate Seminary

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