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     Volume 7 Issue 17 | April 25, 2008 |

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The Heart of Our Economy
The RMG industry is vital to the growth of our economy. Indeed, the industry is one of the biggest foreign exchange earners in Bangladesh. The cover story 'Nailing the 'If' Factor' (April 4, 2008) was an outstanding representation of the most important organ of our country's economy. Freeing the quota for China and India it was predicted that Bangladesh would no more be able to compete against two of the big giant exporters in the global market. But Bangladesh has faced the challenge and performed excellently overcoming many obstacles.
But some more changes need to be brought about. Industries must have a good working environment, improve productivity in both partial and total, develop appropriate backward linkages, improve forward linkages in the supply chain, diversify markets and get access to new markets. On the other hand, the government should give high priority to import raw materials, improve infrastructures -- roads, trucking, telecommunications, port-management etc that will improve delivery system and reduce lead-time, establish long term trade relations with current and potential buyers through high flying diplomacy. For our existence we have no alternative but make the sector more productive.
Md. Nasir Uddin Laskar
Amar Ekushey Hall, DU

On 'Bringing the Liberation War Closer to Kids'

I want to thank the SWM for informing us about the activities and vision of the Liberation War museum (March 28, 2008). The author definitely deserves appreciation for her excellent presentation of the topic. The Liberation War museum has been providing a very praiseworthy service since 1996 by making the youth understand the true events of the liberation war.
I salute the brainchild of the eight trustees of the Liberation War museum for being the most brave and obedient children of the nation.
Johny I Costa
Notre Dame College

Internet for All
Although the mobile phone operators have introduced wireless Internet to us for easy communication, it is yet to become available for use for the common people. Due to the high rate, wireless Internet is yet to become available to us. BTTB's broadband Internet is also extremely expensive. It seems that Internet is the luxury of the upper echelon of our society. Those who are not privileged enough are missing out on the blessings of science and modern communication technology.
But we do not want to stay in the dark any more. We want to be able to avail this marvelous invention and enrich our lives. I heartily request the concerned authorities to make Internet available for all.
Ashim Kumar Paul
Department of English
Govt. Edward College, Pabna

More Awareness Needed on Breast Cancer
I would like to thank the writer for her informative article on breast cancer (April 11, 2008). Unfortunately, many women in our society do not always feel free to talk about intimate physical problems with other people. The reasons are lack of cultural awareness, inefficient education system and the conservative family upbringing. However, media and educational institutions can play a vital communicative role in this matter. Dhaka University Rokeya Hall authorities and Mohila Samiti arranged a workshop and free breast cancer screening on the hall for students last week. Though the participation was not satisfactory, it is a laudable initiative indeed. Media and more institutes should come forward with such initiatives not only for breast cancer but also for other health problems. Government too should be able to provide a proper atmosphere for medical treatment.
Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Core Network Consultant, Celtel-Malawi

Grateful to Present Regime
The Chief Adviser and the Army General came to visit the three hill regions recently. They discussed with the local people and the authorities on how the areas could be developed further. Moreover, the Chief Adviser announced that these regions would be taken under mobile network within a short time. This announcement has made the residents of the three hill regions very happy. This will add a new dimension to our communication sector.
We sincerely hope that the declaration will be implemented properly.
Sukhen Chakma
Assurance Developments Ltd

Style over Substance
I can't tell you how annoyed I feel upon learning about the careless nature of GMG Airlines regarding the safety of its passengers. Although I won't say that I am surprised. I would recommend this article to all those people who believe that the private sector will be the solution to all our problems. In a country which provides no law to protect the right of the consumers, incidents like this are bound to happen. Cellular service providers will deny service without notice, restaurants will adulterate food, and transport companies will disregard the safety concerns of their passengers. To my knowledge, no governments have ever cared to provide any 'Consumer Rights Act', and we have become so passive by nature that we hardly demand for it, or simply forget about it even if we do.
Rubayeet Islam
Software Engineer, Evoknow Inc.

Friday Violence

Bigotry tolerated is lawlessness encouraged and taking law in one's own hand is a serious offence. On 12 April some unruly religious persons attacked the law enforcers soon after the congregation of the Jumma prayers in Dhaka while they were supposed to be demonstrating against the proposed women's policy. Fundamentally, the policy is never against the Quran and Hadith that may spoil tenets of the Muslims. Instead, all Islamic scholars unanimously back this policy and the notion will lead our country to a state of equality between men and women. It was a merciless attack on the police and the BDR whom we consider to be public patrons and snatching away guns and breaking them in the national mosque was a point to deliberately create anarchy in the country by certain delinquent bigots. One must admittedly say that this sort of assault on law and order forces might give rise to a sharp increase in militancy. To keep situations under control, punitive measures must be adopted against those who have a tendency to ignite violence.
Md. Rezaul Karim
Senior Lecturer, English Department
Leading University, Sylhet

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