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     Volume 7 Issue 19 | May 9, 2008 |

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Chintito Letters

Dear Chintito,
I want to share something.
I received the book WHITAKER'S World of facts by "Russel Ash" as a prize for some outstanding performance for the organisation I work. I was overwhelmed because I cherished such a book for long.
But I was stunned at the wrong, negative data regarding Bangla culture and Bangladesh recorded there!
In the part, "Time", the first month is "Caitra"(!) and it begins on 22nd March (!!). Consequently, every Bangla month begins on 21st, 22nd or 23rd of the English calendar.
In the part "Countries of the world", it is mentioned that Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan in 1972 (!) and gave the picture of a traffic jam in Dhaka. Please comment on these. Best regards.
Rehana Sultana Piew (8 Apr)

Dear Chintito,
How are you? I am impressed by your exceptional writing and the suggestions you give through your writings. Like others, I am also curious about you. Your observations and experiences make me inquisitive. Anyway, in your last article you wrote about Razakars how they talk, what they eat, how they can be traced out, etc. But what will you say about those persons who have an ugly face under their 'desh-vokti' even now. Some of them are now imprisoned. We can trace out Razakars somehow…but it is tough to trace out those enemies of our country who were and will become billionaires by corruption. Few of them have been apprehended but a lot of them are out of reach. With best regards.
Shushmita Ahmed, Dept. of Law, Chittagong University. (11 April)

Dear Chintito,
A few words in your column in the DS Weekend Magazine of April 11, prompt me to write this to you. Those words are: "That is patriotism! That is the teaching of Islam or any other religion. Love your country." I wonder, what is your source for such an idea. I have searched The Holy Qur-ân (Tr. Abdullah Yusuf Ali) and also the Old and New Testaments of the Bible (Good News Bible) for an endorsement like yours of patriotism or nationalistic patriotism or on the loving of one's own country only; unfortunately, I could not find any. If you have any authentic reference from a scripture to support this idea of yours, please tell me.

In the past two/three centuries, it was capitalism which created and then eulogized nationalism, inspiring people to die for their own countries. In course of time, they successfully made it into 'an opium' of the people. However, Islam and many other religions highly endorse fighting against oppression or exploitation from whatever source it may be.

Lest you misunderstand me, I want to tell you that I am a Muktijuddha in our Liberation War of 1971, and was the Chief Medical Officer in a Brigade of the Muktibahini.
Humayun Hye, Dhaka (15 April)

Dear Chintito,
Cell phone is one of the most important means of communication. Every cell phone holder uses a different ringtone in their phone. But I am worried (chintito) about on this. Only the other day, I got on a bus. After few minutes I heard the "crying of a baby child". I was surprised because there was no baby in the bus. Suddenly a gentleman started laughing in his cell phone and the crying of that 'baby' stopped. Then I understood that the 'crying' was his ringtone. Should we set this type of sensitive ringtone?
Bakul Chandra Kabiraj, University of Dhaka, B.B.A.(3rd year) (15 April)

Dear Chintito,
Insanity normally rules over common sense.
As your well wisher I would request you to ponder over the activities of a few current world leaders. Let us start with Mr. Bush the most powerful man on the earth. How he is relishing his victory over Afghanistan and Iraq. Even a man like Gordon Brown very recently hailed him as a great American President! And do not forget the case of longest serving British Labour PM Tony Blair (nicknamed Tory Blair ) whose obsession with WMD can easily be added to the episodes of Alice in Wonderland. And our brother General Musharraf (the other day in a BBC interview ex-ISI chief Gen. (Retd) Durrani mentioned that as far as he is concerned Gen. Musharraf is retired since Nov 3, 2007) how he got rid of the distinguished judges. Take the case of Palestinian President Abbas who is shaking hands with all the dignitaries of the world while having no control over his PM. Or consider President Mugabe who can stall the declaration of election results as long as required. So, dear brother do not worry so much. Relax like me and accept the normal thing.
Truly yours Nishchinto (18 April)

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