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     Volume 7 Issue 19 | May 9, 2008 |

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Dhaka Diary

Lending a Mobile Phone
I heard this story from my friend. One night, at around 8.30 p.m., my friend was returning home from Shayamoli to Khilgaon by bus at Dhaka. When the bus was in Shahbag, his neighbouring passenger requested him to lend his mobile phone so that the passenger could insert his own SIM into my friend's mobile phone. The battery charge had finished and he badly needed to call someone. So, my innocent friend lent his mobile phone to the stranger. Then that passenger inserted his SIM in to my friend's mobile phone set and when the bus reached Gulistan, the passenger started to get off with my friend's mobile phone! Immediately, my friend stopped the passenger to give back his mobile phone but he denied and claimed that it was his. The other passengers interrupted their argument and found out that the information inside the mobile phone belonged to the passenger and not my friend! Cleverly, the passenger, after getting the phone, deleted my friend's information by using "Restore Factory Setting" and replaced his own information from his SIM! My friend failed to prove his ownership of the mobile phone and had to see the passenger walk away with it. So, dear readers, never lend your mobile phone to strangers.
Md. Saimum Reza Piash
Dept. of Law
University of Chittagong

Mental Satisfaction
Last week, while going to my language class, I witnessed a pathetic incident. What I saw was more than enough to scare me! Two boys were beating a rickshaw driver very badly. The rickshaw driver was a young boy, eighteen to nineteen years old. He was badly injured after the beating, and bleeding profusely. After a long time of beating, they kicked the driver and then went away. While walking from the scene of crime, one was saying to the other, "Buddy, that's mental satisfaction!" As I went nearer I found out that when the driver requested for two more takas as rickshaw fare, they got angry and started beating him. What surprises me is the disturbing sadistic behaviour on the part of the boys. I wonder where our generation is headed.
Shifat Nazmee
Maple Leaf International School

A High-Class Thief
Afew months back while I was walking back to our car in New Market after buying books for the new school year, an interesting scene was taking place. A woman, who seemed to be quite distinguished, was arguing with a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper claimed that the woman had stolen a handbag and placed it in her big shopping bag. The woman snapped back at him and said that she would never steal anything. But the shopkeeper did not buy it. After searching the shopping bag, the handbag was found. The woman embarrassed, walked away, hopped in her car and drove off.
Maruf Rahman
HURDCO International School

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