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     Volume 7 Issue 21 | May 23, 2008 |

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Dhaka Diary

A Butcher Indeed

Last year, my sister had met with an accident. Her left leg was fractured and needed medical attention immediately. We took her to a prominent doctor whose chamber is in Shyamoly. We had to make an appointment with the doctor at least a month beforehand. However, that very day, we discovered that the doctor was examining four patients at one time. His assistant saw our papers. Then the assistant transferred the papers to the doctor. That particular doctor did not look at the paper and did not even spare a glance at my sister's leg. All he did was listen to his assistant and uttered two sentences, “Your leg is in not in the proper position. Get done with the 'kata kati' (operation) as soon as possible." We had to pay a fee of Tk 500 and Tk 1000 for an x-ray. That was quite a scare for my sister. Every time she would think back to the incident, she would refer to the doctor as the 'butcher'.

Mushfique Wadud
Department of English
Stamford University Bangladesh


An Unexpected Incident

The other day, after saying my Asr prayers, I was loitering in my living room on the third floor of my building. Suddenly, I heard a woman scream loudly. Immediately, I ran to the balcony and saw two muggers threatening the woman with weapons. She was made to give her belongings to the muggers and was threatened not to scream. The woman was trembling with fear. After taking the bag, the two muggers left the place on a bike. There were lots of people around who simply stood there and watched the incident, including myself, but did not do anything to help. The muggers were carrying weapons. Anything could have happened. However, can nothing be done to control this problem which is getting worse by the day?

Lalmatia, Dhaka


Diary from Chittagong

National ID

Last week I, along with my parents received our national ID cards. We had great expectations from the ID cards, which would help us in several social events. However, there were mistakes on all of our ID cards. On my ID card, the spelling of my name and my mother's name were wrong. Both my parents' blood groups were wrong. Also, my father's name was wrong on my mother's ID card. Moreover, we ourselves could hardly identify our own photos printed on the ID card.
I am disappointed to see the quality of the voter ID cards. That's why, I doubt how the elections announced for December will be held properly.

Md. Saimum Reza Piash
Dept. of Law,
University of Chittagong.

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