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     Volume 7 Issue 24 | June 13, 2008 |

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Public Reaction 2


This week we bring to you the second and final instalment of responses to a letter published in this column on 23 May. There have been many more letters than we can accommodate and we apologise for only being able to select a few. However, come next Friday we shall resume our regular Chintito article.

Dear Chintito,
I always wait for the Fridays to come with the Star Weekend Magazine and with your writings too. As you have got some fans and popularity through your great work, somebody may easily get jealous, sometimes beyond human tolerance. Please ignore these stupid feelings. More over "razakars" are forever. They were there during Nawab Sirajuddowla, in 1971, in Afghanistan, in Iraq… They found it logical to collaborate with the hyenas in '71 to kill my brothers, rape my mothers and sisters. I think Mr. Abid belongs to that group. Chintito, this time you got Mr. Abid, it will not be any matter of astonishment, if any more comes next. So dear, ignore them. Just delete them from your mind and PC too. Though sometimes it may hurt you, sometimes it may be very hard to bear. Please ignore them, and keep going.
Shahriar Faroque Sagar, Sydney,Australia

Dear Chintito,
I could not help but notice the degrading of The Star magazine's health in last Friday's issue due to all those "public reactions". Seeing a certain attention-deficit megalomaniac enlighten us with his views on women's intelligence and USA's "rightful" dominance over our country's politics, I figured it would have been impossible, even on your part, to correct him gently. I was disturbed to see that a small portion of this neat magazine actually turned into a battlefield. That was when I decided that it will be better if people interact with you and your readers in an online community (bulletin boards, to be precise) rather than publicly in the pages of the magazine.
Shams, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School

Dear Chi,
I like to call you Chi, it reminds me of Chinese Chi, power. And what a power you have through your emotions.
Sedmaister Alam, can you please tell me the meaning of the first half of your name? You can't; because there is no meaning. You just make it up from the name of Sean William Scot's character in American Pie films, 'Steifmaister'. Now why did you do it? Didn't your parents give you a decent name? I am sure they did. But you choose to use this pathetic copy, because you were emotional. You can't show the logic behind your act. Can you? So please, before judging someone else look at yourself. You can't do without emotions. No man can. Dear Chi, please keep up your inspirational writing. We will understand, without sudden burst of emotion, we can do nothing. It is emotion for our country that made us win our freedom, not any mathematical computation. Be Happy. Always!
Esha Karim

Dear Chintito,
I would like to educate Mr. Abidur (whatever his name is) about being a proper human being. Firstly, he wrote that war in Iraq was logical. Dear Mr. Abid, grow up, even a child in Class 1 feels horrified to watch the people in Iraq in distress. You have also proven that you are mentally sick by talking about gender. I don't think it's a factor whether Chintito is a man or a woman. Mr Abid, the person who gave birth to you is a woman. And when you write that "only woman can write nonsense and childish writing like this" you are actually insulting all women which includes our moms, your mom and your wife.
Kushal, 'O'-level student, B.I.T.

Dear Chintito,
I was struck on June 6 by "Public Reaction" I had missed the 23 May issue Mir Abid wrote his letter. I am feeling wearisome to spell out his name after reading his futile letter. These types of weird people should be ignored in our society. Thanks to all the readers for rejecting this stupid person. Don't worry Chintito! All of us are with you. Proceed in your own way. Be happy.
Mamunur Rashid, Dept. of Biochemistry, DU

Dear Chintito,
It was my bad luck that I missed 23 May's magazine for shortage of Friday's paper. However, after getting the 06 June's The Star (with lots of super comments against Mr. Mir Abidur Rahman) I had to read Mr. Abidur's letter, and after several tries I got to read his ridiculous letter. Dear Sir, why are you still in Bangladesh? Please be quick to contact Mr. Bush in the United States, as he is looking for some intelligent persons like you who have knowledge about war and who can kill innocent people. Fortunately you are not The Star Editor; otherwise "Chintito" would be punished for his/her lack of knowledge. Dear Sir, how could you know a person's gender just by reading his/her writing? I don't know how knowledgeable you are but you haven't any shame. Otherwise as a Bangladeshi, you could never support the war against Iraq or Afghanistan, because just for oil, they killed so many people. It may happen in Bangladesh too for our gas. What will you say or do then? Maybe you will do as the "razakar's" did in 1971.
Nipun, BIFT(2004 Batch), Uttara, Dhaka.

Dear Chintito,
Frankly, after reading Mir Abidur Rahman letter I couldn't stop laughing for almost 2 to 3 minutes (how can people be so desperately LAME!!!). To defy, the comment on misleading youth, I will talk about my own personal experiences. I read The Star alright but without Chintito. However, on some Lal Friday just by chance I discovered Chintito. It was not like he suddenly started writing from that very Friday and caught my eye. Chintito was always there, I just didn't take the time out to read them. So after finishing the article I thought: Why the hell had I missed this fun for so long? I particularly like his way of approaching on a lighter note but in greater depth and all thought provoking, teasing in a rebellious way which in fact created questions within me hypothetically, like what options do we have in case of solving a problem or how we can turn all those hostilities to our advantage just by changing some basic things like gesture, outlook, curiosity, wit, humour, and most importantly, not labelling like he is this or that before exploring all parts.
Hey Mir Abidur, you boastfully introduce yourself as a faculty member of a University (man!! way too much for me to digest in a single issue!!). Can you specify to us where Chintito lacks knowledge and how you came to the conclusion that Chintito is a woman? How about pointing you (Mir Abidur) to the fact that they attacked Iraq for their own selfish reasons to cripple Iraq as a nation since they have oil and 90% USA factories are dependant on oil? So there goes your logic Mir Abidur.
You are not only a disgrace to our people but also to our country.
Sacred Feminine 666

Dear Chintito,
It's true that gender debate is an ancient heritage, an ever lasting, ever green (!) debate on the earth. And I am anxious that my favourite “CHINTITO” column tends to be embezzled by this unsolved loop. I personally think the creator of “CHINTITO” i.e. you, the mysterious person are a guy. You might be a female one too. Yeah, literally I'm confused. Actually, before Mr. Abid's letter I treated you as a male person but after that I turned and guessed that you were perhaps a female, but now after you published the public reaction to Mr. Abid's letter I returned to my first assumption. However, thank you Chintito for creating yourself and confusing us but please don't stop writing.
Fida, Dept. of CSIT, BUBT

Dear Chintito,
I didn't find any interest to react to the letter of Mr.Rahman because I thought it was a waste of time to talk about someone who is certainly a mental patient. I have full sympathy for his students who are really misguided by his false impressions. However, I always believe in constructive criticism rather than showing extreme jealousy. I never think you as a mentor but I respect your thoughts and views. I look upon you as a creative thinker who makes me thoughtful by writing. I care little about your gender because I want to love your writing not you personally (I know you are a good person and have many people in your surroundings to love you). I request you never give up your writing and make us more thoughtful and creative. I wish you all the best.
Mohammad Anisur Rahman

Dear Chintito,
I went through all of last week's public reactions to Abidur and felt a slight sympathy for him. Since I missed his letter I looked for the issue to read it and lastly I did. As a token of sympathy, I tried to have some points for him, but my conscience scolded me. This was because he was too naked in defining Chintito as well as showing logic behind US policy of invasion.
Mohammad Ala Uddin, Zahurul Haque Hall, DU


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