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     Volume 7 Issue 24 | June 13, 2008 |

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Stealing Books

The other day I had gone to the Public Library. As usual, there were many readers busy with their reading. The room was air-conditioned and eventually I was engrossed in my reading. Suddenly I saw a group of people in front of the librarian's desk. Initially, I did not care about the group and went on with my reading. However, once the voices started to become louder, I could not help going there and checking the situation out myself. I went closer to what was happening and was fairly surprised with what I saw. A gentleman sitting amidst the crowd of people was being accused of stealing books from the library. The man, who was not less than 50 years of age, seemed to be educated and well read. To make things worse, the books that he stole were very expensive and would have been very difficult for the authorities to replace. The librarian as well as few of the readers rebuked him for his actions. I could not help wondering. What is the use of getting an education if the educated end up stealing for no good reason as well?
Foqrul Islam (Munna)
New Elephant Road


A Talented Youngster

A few days ago my friend called me on the phone asking me if I could help her find a professional artist to make some banners which she would use for advertising her coaching centre. I readily agreed to assist her. Since I reside in Mohammadpur and there are a handful of advertising shops beside the town hall market, I thought of looking there first. My eyes caught sight of a small and tidy shop at a corner. There, an old man was sitting on a tool and rummaging through the contents of a drawer at the desk beside him. When I told him what I needed, the old man hesitatingly replied that he was to be in the shop only for a couple of hours while his son, who runs the place, was away to buy some paint brushes ad other supplies for the shop. I checked the shop and discovered a large banner of white cloth on which there were some writings in red colour, meticulously done by some artist. I was impressed with the piece of work and assumed that may be a "professional" artist did it. When I had enquired about the artist to the old man I was utterly surprised by his answer. The artist who had made the banner was none other than his son and that he had no formal training but merely relied on his raw talents. I had also learnt that his son was only 15 years old and due to their financial constraints they could not afford to send him to school. It was a matter of great pride to know that there are many talented people in our country but also very disappointing when we realise that their talents still remain unrecognised and neglected most of the time.
Naome Syed


Adventure in Old Dhaka

A few days ago, I had gone to Old Dhaka where I spent most of my growing up years. An old acquaintance was getting married and it was wonderful to meet a number of known people after a long time. Suddenly, there came a hue and cry from the other side of the hall where the wedding was taking place. Two uninvited young men were caught amongst the guests, who had probably come to chance upon the delicious Old Dhaka food. They looked ashamed and extremely afraid since some of the boys were preparing to give them a good beating. Thankfully, an elderly gentleman came in between the row and asked the boys to let the uninvited young men go and forget the whole incident since it was a harmless one indeed. Afterwards, I went and asked the elderly man why he let the two young boys go without giving them a harsh scolding at least. The elderly gentleman smiled mischievously and said that the young men reminded him of his own younger years when he himself used to sneak into wedding ceremonies uninvited. It is indeed an adventure when you are at that age, he exclaimed. I could not help smiling for the rest of the evening.
Md. Sohel Hara

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