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     Volume 7 Issue 26 | June 27, 2008 |

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"The government could ban the notes of Tk 500 denomination to find out this."
president Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry saying people in different bordering areas are hoarding
Tk 500 notes.

"They can, but the ones they share the cell with are more hardened."
Inspector General (prisons)
when asked if the religious fanatics can motivate the other cellmates in the prison.

“Last fiscal year, the government imposed a 4.5 percent VAT (value added tax) on English medium schools without any consultation with the people concerned. Then again, this year, the government is proposing a 25 percent duty on pictorials and drawing books.”
A Teacher
at Mastermind School

"This is very emotional for me, to come to the place where my father has been lying for the past 36 years."
son of shaheed Khandkar Abu Taleb.
The Pakistani occupation forces and their Bangali collaborators mutilated shaheed Taleb's body to throw it into the underground water tank of the pump house at the Jalladkhana in Mirpur."

"It attracts customers in an unconventional way. You noticed the moment I opened the restaurant, there was a lot of business."
owner of Buns and Guns
a fast-food restaurant in Lebanon where dishes are called the Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper and B52. In the café, chicken on a skewer is called "rocket-propelled grenade". Instead of music the diners eat to the sound of gunfire.

"This evidence will help enormously when the trial process begins."
freedom fighter and trustee of the Liberation War Museum
at the first anniversary of the opening of the Jalladkhana Killing Field Memorial Park in Mirpur.

"Unity is the answer to all questions. If we want democracy, student politics without terrorism, an accountable government, rule of law and equal rights for all, unity among citizens is a must."
eminent jurist and Gono Forum President.
He has also said, ““We have to be united against those evil forces that are engaging our children in crime and violence in educational institutions. It is our responsibility to resist them.”

"Election to the local government bodies is needed for solving regional problems and for protecting the democratic rights of the people in a region."
education adviser.

"So, it is not logical to resist the elections."
communications adviser
"I do not think the political parties will create obstacle to holding of the local government elections...Maybe we have not been able to communicate with them effectively...We will try to convince them; they will certainly understand," he has also said.


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