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     Volume 7 Issue 29 | July 18, 2008 |

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Star Diary

A few days ago, one of my colleagues was desperate for some kind of transport to reach her workplace. After a long wait, she finally found a willing CNG driver who demanded Tk 160 where as the regular fare is Tk 60. Enraged but pressed by time, she took it. Nearing the American embassy, she stopped at a RAB check post with an excuse. Then she explained the incident to the law enforcers, who consequently took away the driver's license and turned his vehicle upside down. The hilarity of that scene was sufficient compensation for the pain she went through. Such incidences are quite common where ill-intentioned CNG or taxi drivers prey on desperate commuters. The difference made was the intent to right the wrong with such proper support from authorities, conscious commuters themselves can change today's sad scenario
Yasmin Alam

Evils of Technology

Last week, on my way to Physics class, a rather stunning spectacle caught my attention. A girl in her school uniform was passing by when two men acting as if they were trying to understand the operations of their cell phones, were standing in the middle of the road. As soon as the girl passed by, they took her photograph with their cell phones. The girl ran the rest of her way while the two men laughed. Undoubtedly, I salute the way cell phones are developing day by day. We have access to the Internet, chatting, games and much more in such a small and portable device but we also cannot ignore the fact that it is making sometimes used by such sleazy induzduals.
Anthea Taplette
Maple-leaf international school

Hilarious Indeed

A few days ago, it was a nice pleasant afternoon when I was having tea by a tea stall near my workplace. Soon a bunch of young boys and girls came to the tea stall. From their conversations it was clear that they were private university students. There were two young women and three young men. They ordered tea and some snacks. Through out, the young people were absorbed arguing about a certain issue. At one point, they even got into a heated argument. I was also listening to them with great interest. A little further away from the group, a goat was roaming about nearby, munching banana skins thrown on the ground. One of the boys in the group had an unlit cigarette stuck in between his fingers, while sipping tea with his other hand. He was also engrossed in the argument and did not notice the goat trot near him and pull the cigarette with its mouth and munch on it! He was clearly startled. After the first few moments, everyone began to roar with laughter at the incident including myself and the boy who was making the tea. The boy was really embarrassed and was smiling sheepishly. One of the girls in the group quipped, "Only a gem recognises another gem. The same goes with goats! "
Mohammed Sohel Hara
WESTECS, Gulshan

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