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     Volume 7 Issue 29 | July 18, 2008 |

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" The decoration of the artefact follows the school of art developed during the Pala dynasty. However, I suspect it was made during the rule of Kalyan Chandra, of the Chandra dynasty, who ruled the ancient Samatat region during the 10th century."
renowned archaeologist
about a 10th century statue of Vishnu that was found five metres below the ground.
He has also said, "The halo of the statute confirms that it was made before 11th century. However, the excess use of decorations indicates that it was not made before 10th century. Other features of the statute follow the 10th century trends."

"Bangladesh has more arable land for Aman than for Boro. But then, Boro yield is way high because floods damage vast swathes of Aman fields almost every year, cutting down its production."
Bangladesh Agriculture University
declaring the development of Swarna-Sub 1, a submergence resistant variety of rice that, according to a Daily Star report, can withstand inundation, compensating for the yearly loss of yields to flash floods.

“It sounds like this that things are in a very good shape. I think the rules are pretty much done. The official lists have to be printed. They are moving forward as they are expected to do…”
US Ambassador
after visiting the Election Commission.

"Even an inch of land can't be left uncultivated. We will have to grow new crops so we can feed ourselves."
Army Chief.

"It is not easy to haggle with young artists these days, they know they will find buyers."
curator at Unicorn, an art gallery in Pakistan.
She has also said, "They don't even have to display their
work at the galleries, because buyers often visit their studios
to make deals."
Pakistan's art market, the BBC says, "has gone crazy over the past year, with prices multiplying 10 to 20 times over. And famous artists are not the only beneficiaries."

"We are in big trouble."
vice-president of so-called Jatiya Muktijoddha Parishad (JMP).
A freedom fighter was assaulted for demanding the trial of war criminals
in a programme organised by the JMP. The JMP leaders admitted to getting fund from Jamaat-e-Islam, which opposed Bangladesh's independence by forming Razakar, Al Badr and Al Shams groups that carried out numerous acts of killing, rape and other war crimes in 1971.

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