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     Volume 7 Issue 31 | August 1, 2008 |

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Star Diary

In-tech-lectual Kids
The other day I was going to travel to my college by bus. It was a scorching day, and my shirt was almost soaked through with perspiration, but still, I walked the ten minute trek to the bus stand. Sweat trickled down my cheeks as I waited for the dilatory bus, but eventually it came, so I clambered on, only to find that it was totally overcrowded. I barrelled my way through the crowd, gasping for breath before I finally found a seat next to three schoolchildren, who were talking about Hindi movies. Then, all of a sudden, surprisingly enough to me, a person of an earlier generation, one of the kids pulled a cell phone, possibly one of the relatively nice Nokia N-Series, from his pocket and started playing music. The kids began shaking their heads to the beat, and the rest of the passengers, who were observing three of them, giggled. The three kids could not realise how ridiculous they looked as they were totally engulfed by the music. And though they were teenagers, I was surprised to see how comfortable they were with the technology. When I reached my destination I got off from the bus thinking how modern today's kids are!
Tasdir Ahmed

Patient or Police?

A siren indicates 'emergency status' and when hearing one while traveling on a highway or road, you are to immediately give right of way to the emergency vehicle, by safely stopping, slowing or moving to the right of the road or highway. Usually, we don't mind the siren of an ambulance, however harsh it is, as it's a way to help save the lives of our dearest ones. However, the other day I panicked upon hearing a continuous sound since the flashing warning lights were the same as that of a police vehicle. Irritated, I looked back and with a surprise I discovered that it was not a police vehicle at all, but rather an ambulance bearing a severe patient, so I gladly moved off the road, but I was perturbed. To me, it seems as though the sounds of a police car and ambulance are becoming increasingly similar these days. Therefore, I think there must be a clear distinction between the two of these frequently heard sirens in our metropolitan life or else many lives will be at stake when people make the same mistake as me.
Md. Nasir Uddin Laskar
Amar Ekushey Hall, DU

A Great Nuisance

The other day I was on my way to the university because I had an exam. Since I usually do my revision work on the bus, I looked for a calm place to sit. However, when I had just opened my book the passenger next to me switched on his mobile's media player and started listening to music incredibly loudly. I could not concentrate on my studies at all and it seemed many people around me felt disturbed as well, though no one said anything. Finally, a passenger shouted at him and said that he was going to hospital to visit a relative, so he was in no mood to listen to music. He also added that if the music mad passenger needed to listen to music, he could use earphones. Only then did the young man turn off his media player. Therefore, I realised we must protest against any nuisances because only then will people stop the annoyances that they are creating, fearing the number of protesters.
Mushfique Wadud
Department of English
Stamford University Bangladesh

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