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     Volume 7 Issue 31 | August 1, 2008 |

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"In accordance with the constitution the president does not have any executive power in ruling the country. But if there is allegation of graft against him during his three-month tenure as the chief adviser, that should be investigated."
Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh
about allegations of graft against the President.

"Keep it aside."
Jatiya Party Chairman
when asked whether he has secretly met Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina in London.
“I have been in the grand alliance and I will continue to be there in the future,” he has said.

“This is good news. However, all of us must be careful that we don't misuse this unique gesture by the friendly Malaysian government.”
foreign affairs adviser.
The Malaysian authorities have just made a list of 27 countries whose citizens will need to get a visa before leaving their countries for Malaysia."Bangladesh has been excluded from this list, whereas it includes many Saarc, Commonwealth and African countries," the adviser has said.

"It was around 600 years ago. Binat Bibi came to Dhaka with her father, a businessman from a faraway land, probably from Persia. She died here. In memory of Binat, her father built a mosque by the Dolai river in Hizri 861 and named it after her."
a resident of Dhaka
about Binat Bibi Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city.

"I will fight to the last for trial of war criminals and do not care if they kill me."
a freedom fighter
who was assaulted by goons allegedly belonging to Jamaat for demanding the trial of the war criminals.

" Thirty minutes a day is good for general health, but if you want to lose weight, you need to be doing more, and if you want to sustain weight loss, you need to be doing even more than that."
Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.
He has told the BBC, “…Between an hour and 90 minutes of exercise a day is the recommended level for maintaining weight loss."

"Some of the national dailies have been prominently publishing reports since July 23 alleging that the wife of Iajuddin has unduly grabbed land on lease in Dhaka city and his son taken business advantage. None has refuted the report nor the government come up with clarification raising doubts among the people."
Standing Committee of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal
demanding clarification from the government about the alleged graft.

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