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     Volume 7 Issue 33 | August 15, 2008 |

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"Thousands of Bangladeshi workers in the Maldives are passing days in deep frustration as they are yet to get any job."
who went to the country as a migrant worker.
One of his friends Al Amin has committed suicide last month, as he was not given the job assured by his middleman. There are allegations that Bangladesh High Commission has failed to protect the rights of migrant workers, who are considered vital to the country's economic interest.

"There was nothing in the service contract of Al-Amin when he came here five months ago--where he will work, who will take back his dead body if he dies."
A high official of Bangladesh High Commission
in the Maldives
explaining why the body of Al Amin who committed suicide in the Maldives has not been sent back to Bangladesh.

“BNP has also participated in the city corporation and municipal elections directly. But now its Secretary General Khandaker Delwar is saying that the elections were of entente. Talking in such way they are trying to vitiate the environment of the parliamentary polls.”
acting General Secretary
Awami League.
He has also said, “Local-body elections are nonpolitical while the parliamentary polls are political. People elect government for their country through the parliamentary polls. This type of election cannot be held under emergency rules.”

"Work is underway to install the modern forensic laboratory in Chittagong, scheduled to be open in December next year."
deputy inspector general of CID.

"A contractionary (tight) monetary policy will adversely affect the country's GDP growth, employment and investment."
chief economist of the Bangladesh Bank.
He has also said, “Although monetary tightening can bring down inflation, it has unacceptably high cost in terms of foregone output and employment… Precautions against any unexpected natural calamities and timely supply of inputs to farmers are very important to minimise vulnerabilities.”

"Making the people aware of the government services should be an integral part of the government efforts at the grassroots level."
a researcher at the Centre for Policy Dialogue.

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