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     Volume 7 Issue 38 | September 19, 2008 |

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Star Diary

A Gala Iftar Party!

For more than the last two years, we have been living in a rented apartment. The landlord seemed to be a very nice man and also the pious sort. Even though his wife seemed to be very nice and the pious sort as well, in reality she was cruel and miserly. Since her parents' house was adjacent to the house, sometimes, she and her family would spend weeks at her parents' home and would switch off the water supply in our building. Even during the month of Ramadan, she would provide water once a day, which would hardly cover a quarter of a day's needs. One day, she invited our family to her place for iftar. We were overwhelmed with the sight of so much food on the table. Weirdly enough, while the landlord's family had their iftar in a separate room, we were served our iftar in the next room. The next day, every member of my family suffered from diarrhoea. I had to get to the bottom of what exactly happened at the landlord's house and what she actually fed us. So I lured their domestic help with a Tk 50 note and asked her to tell us what sge knew. It seems that the landlady would store leftover iftar in her refrigerator every day! She had actually served us rotten and germ-infested iftar at her house! After the incident, we shifted to another place.

Md. Zillur Rahaman
IBBL, Bangshal Branch

Ramadan Blues

If there is something that is more irritating during the holy month of Ramadan besides traffic jams, and people spitting here and there, then it is surely the price hike of essentials! And like a chain reaction, this increase affects nearly everything we depend on - transportation being one of them. The other day, I had to take my grandmother for her routine check up. But when I started to look for a rickshaw, I noticed that although there were some idling their time away, they were reluctant to take me to my destination. Since my grandmother was fasting, and was not feeling well, I offered them double the usual fare. But they were asking for Tk. 50, whereas the usual fare was only Tk. 15! They were even saying, “This is the month of Ramadan. You should not treat us this way!” I was outraged, but finally managed to find a rickshaw, which agreed to go for the normal fare. As I helped my grandmother to her seat, I couldn't help wonder how different people's perspective can be. Some of us take the holy month as an excuse to become better people, while others use it as a weapon to deceive!

Redwan Islam Orittro
Maple Leaf International School

An Intelligent Answer

Last Thursday, I got on the bus to go home after classes. Everything was fine until the bus got stuck in the traffic jam. The bus was standing still for around forty-five minutes. Just then the conductor began collecting the tickets. He fined most of the passengers who were on the bus without a ticket. I was looking through the window when I heard a commotion behind me. Looking back, I saw the conductor shouting loudly and rather angrily to a middle-aged man. A small girl, aged around seven to eight years, was sitting on his lap. The man would not pay for her ticket to Rangpur but the conductor insisted on the payment of her ticket too. The man presented his argument saying that the girl was not occupying any seat so why should he pay for her ticket. After a long argument, the conductor got tired and lowered his voice. "Sir," he said to the man. "If this girl was left on the mid-way and had you given her a push, do you think she would have reached Rangpur? Since the bus is taking her she is able to go there. So why not pay for this journey which I suppose should not be made free for your child?'' At this point, a boy shouted out the words, "well said!" The other passengers gave their consensus on this matter too. So the man eventually had to pay. There was a jerk and the bus finally started to move again. It seems very amazing to see a bus conductor obtaining his right in such an intelligent way.

Shifat Nazmee
Maple Leaf International School

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