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     Volume 7 Issue 38 | September 19, 2008 |

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The Holy Month of Ramadan
We are in the month of serenity, sanctity, festivity and philanthropy -- the holy month of Ramadan. There is another characteristic, which is experienced in parallel with the others, that is, the price hike of necessary commodities. Though price hike is the common phenomenon, it seems to be intolerable in the month of Ramadan. The poor are the worst victims of price hike in the name of Ramadan. We, the service holders, get a salary and a bonus, but the poor people work the hardest while their basic needs remain unfulfilled. We have to see a lot of faces who are living under the poverty line, the poor who have to fast and pull the rickshaw in extreme heat, the extreme poor who have to search for his/her Iftar in the dustbin etc. while the upper elite hold grand Iftar parties with all kinds of mouth-watering items.
Moreover, the working class people can neither tolerate nor protest against it. They are suffering from such a ghostly price spiral silently. It seems to be one of the vital characteristics of the month of Ramadan.
Md.Kamrul Islam Mishu Kutubi
Dept. Of English
International Islamic University Chittagong

Road Accidents

Your cover story on road traffic accidents and road safety 'Death on the Asphalt' (September 5, 2008) was outstanding. It highlights an issue that deserves much greater coverage from the media. It is a striking fact that road accidents cost us 2% of our GDP. It's hard to imagine that by eliminating road accidents, we could remove our dependence on foreign aid. Also, many lives would be saved.
I lost a relative in an accident a few years ago, and I know how terrible it can be. People kept saying it was nobody's fault and just 'an act of God'. Nobody was angered by the fault of the driver who was driving around recklessly. There should be strict laws against dangerous driving.
Thank you again for your tough and sincere portrayal of the road accident scenario in Bangladesh. I hope the government wakes up and does something. We should all be much more conscious while walking or driving on the road.
Shariful Islam Shirajee
Tajmahal Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Wasting The Treasure
Bangladesh is one of the smallest and poorest countries of the world. Over population and shortage of land are the main problems. Still it is blessed with many treasures and one of them are the aquatic animals. The fishes can improve the country's economic condition as it can be exported to the other countries easily. But many kinds of fish have become extinct because of the activities carried out by humans. Rivers have become the main places for disposing the waste of industries and factories; no treatment of sewage is done. As a result many aquatic lives die for detoxification and finally become extinct. Laws are already there to save the fishes but none are followed. The government has to take a serious measure now and follow them strictly or otherwise it will be too late.
Old Dhaka

Impact of Outstanding Results

Recently the H.S.C results of 2008 were published. This year about 22,000 students got A+. Obviously most of them are quite anxious about their future. And the others who did not get an A+, they are now in a fix about what to do. A lot of students have come to Dhaka to take admission coaching. Among them who did not get A+ in the H.S.C exam are now thinking of going back to their hometown. It is an extremely unfair practice that puts the future of not-so-bright students in limbo. As we have not enough seats this is the common phenomenon. This situation is creating dangerous consequences in our life. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a career, which is not necessarily dependent on their exam results. Government should also take necessary steps to manage this situation.
Asif Ali Ahmed
University Applicant


The HSC results of this year have broken all other previous records in our history. Yes, I felt happy to see the joyous faces of the students. But at the same time I felt deeply worried about what was about to follow.
The students who managed to get GPA-5 may not get the chance to lead their higher study in the institutions of their first choice.
These students who will not get into good institutions will just try to go abroad. No amount of patriotism will keep them in this country because otherwise they face a bleak future.
But there are a lot of talented students who will not be able to do so because they won't be able to afford it. So, they can neither afford to go abroad nor get admitted into the renowned private universities.
This country is yet to build a proper and fair educational system. As a result every year we are losing our potential, precious jewels.
Aiman Bin Shaofiqul Hamid (Jasim)
Dept. of English
International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

About 'The Big Cleanup'
I was so happy to see the article 'The Big Cleanup' (September 12, 2008). The article covered the International Coastal Cleanup Day 2008 and its activities, which surely is a new concept in Bangladesh. The entire programme was so beautifully described by the writer and with help of some pictures it was well illustrated as well. But I was shocked to see no name of the organisers, which is a team called Kewkradong Bangladesh. Another thing that surprised me was that the writer mentioned that students from BRAC and NSU participated in the programme but no mention was made of the EWU students. There were more participants from EWU than from NSU and BRAC University. It obviously was unexpected by all of us who participated in the voluntary programme. However, I can understand it was an honest mistake and I can't help thanking the writer for his good article, which must be inspiring to the people who care about our world renowned Cox's Bazar beach.
Enayetul Karim Sabik
Student of EWU

More Than a Legend
It is really difficult to imagine that we have lost a very versatile personality in Abdullah Al Mamun. What he has dedicated to our television and stage drama is really unforgettable. Needless to say, through his hand our television drama has seen a new dimension of diversity and creativity. His death has created such a gap in the spheres of sound entertainment. But it is said that celebrities never die. Abdullah Al Mamun will remain alive in our hearts as a legend in addition to his versatility.
Md. Nasir Uddin Morol
Dept. of Textile Engineering
University of South Asia
Banani, Dhaka

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