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     Volume 7 Issue 40 | October 10, 2008 |

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"The country seems to have been flooded with multi-coloured posters extending Eid greetings. Even portraits of party leaders were used in the posters. All this is unacceptable, and constitutes an electoral offence. We cannot afford to sit idle."
chief election commissioner.

"One of the problems with the election process has been that money and muscle power were used in the past; in order to control that, I think emergency rules will help."
chief adviser.

“I'm not a rebel. I'm an emotional person.”
former Bangladesh captain
who has joined the ICL.
He has said, “"Towards the end of international career, I became a lonely figure. I didn't command the same respect from the guys. I would sit alone in the dressing room. During critical situations, nobody would come to me for any suggestion, though I was the senior most guy. A feeling crept in that you were no longer required.”

"The UN will send its officials to observe the elections scheduled for December 18."
foreign adviser
after a meeting with UN Resident Coordinator in Dhaka Renata Lok Dessalian.
Renata has said, “I hope the government will devise a methodology whereby people can vote freely without intimidation and the political parities can also campaign freely.”

"Over 40 percent of the city dwellers live in slums, and they were sometimes evicted inhumanly. On the other hand, rich people remain safe in their apartments. This kind of inequality should be eliminated."
Transparency International Bangladesh.

"Ashraful was very keen to join the ICL and seeing his interest, I thought if the national skipper could resign from international cricket why couldn't I? Even Mashrafe Mortaza asked me to join and as a result we joined the ICL. But I was shocked when Ashraful and Mortaza did not join the ICL."
Bangladesh cricketer
Who has left international cricket to join banned Indian Cricket League (ICL).
Kapali has also added, “"What shocks me more is that he has been lying to people and telling them that he had nothing to do with ICL.” Ashraful and Mashrafe denies the allegation.

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