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     Volume 7 Issue 42 | October 24, 2008 |

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Much Hyped Eid Audio Releases

Nazmus Saquib

Listeners of Bangla Music have had the pleasure of a wide choice of music albums of their favourite artists this Eid with major music labes releasing a plethora of audio albums .As we already know that the music industry has been hit hard by piracy nevertheless some of the albums this Eid did brisk business, defying the odds. A sample of some of the Eid goodies:

Habib and Ferdous Wahid's 'Obosheshe': Undoubtedly this album of the talented son and his legendary father Ferdous Wahid has been the most sought after album of this Eid. Released under the banner of Sangeeta, this album has already achieved huge successes according to salespersons of some famous music stores. Ferdous Wahid himself said that throughout his long music career, this was the first time he had sung some pure melodious romantic songs, which touched his heart and soul strongly, indeed it was a huge compliment for Habib himself. All Habib's compositions were as usual brilliant in this album and his own songs were no less melodious than his father's. Appealing and irresistible there was the usual dreamy quality of Habib's music. The only criticism one can make is Habib's over dependence on 'auto tuner' which tend to make the compositions a bit too similar to each other.

After last year's smash hit debut solo album 'Balam', Warfaze's former lead vocalist Balam has once again come with his second solo album 'Balam 2' which was another major release of this Eid from the banner of Sangeeta. His first solo album 'Balam' received overwhelming response from the audience and the singer even got the 'Meril Prothom Alo Award' as the best playback singer of 2007.So expectations was much higher from him this year. But the truth is that the album failed to live up to the expectations. Although the first track 'Premer Dhun' is a sure shot chartbuster, other than this opening track, the rest of the tracks of this album were not satisfying. The fourth track of this album 'Oporupa' tried to make us nostalgic and it clearly appears that Balam took inspiration from the song 'Main Agar Kahoon' of movie 'Om Shanti Om' but failed to recreate the same charm. The album, in fact, was quite a disappointment for Balam fans for not coming up with something different. His experimental English track 'The Joker' proved his versatility as a composer and singer albeit in a lost cause!

Young and talented composer cum singer Asheq has come with his first featured album 'Pori', which contains songs by Fahmida Nobi, Swani Zubayeer, Akhi Alamgir, Khalid,Dolly Sayentoni, Tonima Hadi, Arif, Lemis and the composer himself. Released under the banner of Deadline Music, the album contains 10 different tracks by different kinds of singers and for the first time the listeners are getting chance to buy an album which contains contemporary Bangla 'Adhunik' songs by Dolly Sayentoni, Fahmida Nobi and Akhi Alamgir in a single album. At the same time it contains a soulful track by renowned singer Swani Zubayeer. It also contains Hip Hop song by upcoming pop sensation Lemis. All in all one must say as a composer Asheq has successfully proven his talent through this album and all the songs of this album are worth listening to.

G series' major release this Eid was the album 'Kromannoy' which contains songs by Shuvo, Upol, Mila, Rafa and Kona and composed by arguably the best music director of our country Fuad himself. What was surprising is that the album got released just a day before the Eid but still managed to attract the attention of the listeners. All the songs of this album are quite good and especially the two songs by Mila were simply mind blowing. Mila started from where he left off sin 'The Hit Album's' hit song 'Sadhu' and this new album features a song 'Ognipura' by her which has already received positive feedback from the listeners.

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