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     Volume 7 Issue 43 | October 31, 2008 |

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Info Tech

Four Interesting, Useful and Popular Websites

Syed Nadim Noah

In the 21st century, life is like a stagnant pool of water without the Internet. Everything we do, wherever we go, whatever we see, is all somehow connected to the net. It's a crucial part of most of our lives. Ever thought what the Internet would be without some of its best websites? Well the answer obviously is not something one has to ponder; great websites are the backbone of the Internet. This week we look at some of the most interesting, useful and popular websites the net has to offer. The websites are each fun and distinct in their own way, and all offer some form of utility to us.

1.{www.mininova.org } Many of us may not be familiar with this website, but those of us who are, know the beauty of it. There isn't much history about this website just plain usefulness. From games, software, pictures to movies, TV shows and books, everything is available to be downloaded from this website. However, there is one small catch. The user has to have knowledge of 'torrents' and how to use 'torrent downloading' software. Other than that, just go on downloading.


2. {www.gamespot.com} This site is like a sanctuary for gamers. The A-Z of games, such as hints, reviews, pictures and even patches can be found, read and downloaded from this website. What's even more interesting is that, the information is not only for personal computer (PC) games, but also games from every console ever made like Play Station, X-box, GameCube, Nintendo Wii, PSP etc. If you are a gamer and are having problems with games, be it technical, mental or physical just go to this website, it will not let you down. Furthermore, you can also check the site for release dates, technical specifications and screenshots of upcoming games, which are vital when you are planning on buying them.


3. {www.imdb.com} If you watch movies, whether it's English or Hindi, you must get acquainted with this website. IMDb (the internet movie database), has any information you can ask for about Hollywood, Bollywood and other movies. Starting from the cast, to the director to the producer, all types of data including pictures are available at this handily designed website. In fact, you can even add information to any movie you want, which obviously will be verified and updated later. As a bonus, the site has records of almost all actors, and the movies and serials they appeared in throughout their career. Thus, if you are deciding to watch any new flicks, just go to this website and search for the film. You can read reviews about it and choose whether the movie is worth your time or not. Be careful though, as sometimes the reviews may contain 'spoilers' and eventually ruin your movie experience.


4. {www.123greetings.com} Let us picture a scenario, where suppose you are living abroad and your mother's birthday is tomorrow. You did not send her a card, let alone gifts, and it's too late to do them anyway. What do you do? The answer is simple. Go to this website, send an E-card and give her a call at 12am to wish her Happy Birthday. Not only will she be happy but also very excited to read the cool E-card you just sent. For those of whom, who have no idea what I'm talking about, well E-card is a card which is sent over the internet. It has taken the world by storm, due to simplicity, interactivity and most importantly its swiftness. You can send E-cards to every corner of the world in less than a few seconds. The cards provided in this website are all free of cost. Cards are available for any occasions you want. You name it, Eid, Christmas, Puja, Hanukkah, anything. They are also very well designed, with words that could either melt your heart with love or your brains with anger. Some of the cards are also very humorous, while others are not so. There are broad categories for people who you can send it to, be it mom, dad, children, nephew, wife, cousin, and go on to describe every possible relationship that could form between two human beings. Lastly, if you are wondering about quality, the E-cards can compete with real cards from Archie's or Hallmark any day.


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