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     Volume 7 Issue 48 | December 5, 2008 |

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Star Diary

An Accident in Shahbagh

The other day, I along with two of my friends went to a florist in Shahbagh to order flowers for my friend's sister’s wedding . Suddenly, right outside the shop, I witnessed an accident where a bus hit a rickshaw and sped away. The rickshaw puller was thrown on the street, screaming and squirming in pain. He was surrounded by a lot of people, but none would even touch him or help him. I approached the man and asked one of the other rickshaw-pullers to help me take him to the nearest hospital-- Dhaka Medical College Hospital--which he refused. It seemed nothing could be done until the sergeant said so, since this was a police case. I was baffled. The rickshaw puller in pain was a poor man. Had he been a rich person, people would have been running around, trying to help him. I have heard that in countries like Ireland and South Korea the police always help the general public, which seems to be unusual in our society.

Md. Zelhaz Ahmed Tipu
Badda, Dhaka

Inhuman Joke

A few days ago, a friend and I were returning home from college by bus. The bus was not so crowded. When the bus stopped at a bus station, a blind beggar boy of around 16 to 17 years of age got on the bus asking for alms. A person outside the bus called to the boy. Thinking that he would get some alms, he went outside and put out his hand. Instead of money or food, all he was presented with were lime and betel nuts as a joke. The boy was hurt and he mumbled something. We were shocked. How can a man play such an inhuman joke?

Ashim Kumar Paul
Govt.Edward College

Clever Indeed

A friend of mine is well known for his cunning mind and mischievous ideas. For quite some time, he had been telling his father to buy him an expensive handset of a famous brand. However, his father said no to his wishes. After a few days, I was surprised to see my friend using a brand new phone set. He emotionally blackmailed his father to buy him the set. He lied about a friend of his who would not even let him take a look at his hand set, since my friend apparently could not afford it. My friend's father was very hurt at this comment and almost immediately bought him a new hand set. A true politician indeed!

Shahriar Kabir Rana
International Islamic University

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