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     Volume 7 Issue 50 | December 26, 2008 |

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The Red and Green Disapora

I would like to thank the author for his well-timed article “Bondor Bazar to Brick Lane” (November 28, 2008). The piece expertly brings out the struggle, hopes and fears of the diaspora community in Britain, and their complex relationship with the land of their forefathers.
There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of remittance in Bangladesh, but not so much about how to use that remittance in a productive way. There is a proverb that says, “you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime”. The NRBs as well as the government of Bangladesh should look to using remittance to generate employment. The government should set up one stop shops for NRB investors and also involve NRB professionals in the development of the country. NRB investors should also overcome their inhibitions about investing in Bangladesh.
Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury
Nasirabad Housing Society

Competent Candidates
The forthcoming election is a very important event for our nation. All of us want to see a free and fair election where we will have the chance to vote for honest and responsible candidates. The one quality that doesn't seem to be necessary for the candidates is a certain level of educational qualification. Educated candidates will ensure that his/her cabinet has qualified people working for them. If a Minister lacks academic knowledge in his field, he is most likely to be a bad decision maker or dependent upon what bureaucrats or other people to make decisions for them. That is why it is necessary for the political parties to choose nominees on the basis of honesty, educational qualification and popularity. To cope with this ever changing world, our country needs competent politicians who are aware of changing technology and ideas and are capable of understanding them and taking decisions based on knowledge and not instinct.
Abdullah Al Masud
Dept of Finance, DU


We are all hoping that the national elections will be held on the expected date. On this important day it is our duty to select the right, honest, patriotic and altruistic person to lead the country in the right direction. In the past we have chosen the wrong people who have made a mess of the country. Under their leadership Bangladesh has become a champion in corruption several times which led the country to further destruction. Now we are conscious and we know who are the candidates who have the capability of building a better Bangladesh like Sir Thomas Moore's 'Utopia' in England, where he advocates for a responsible government, religious tolerance and where the leaders will always be concerned for the betterment of the country. We have to forget what happened in the past and look towards the future. For this reason our vote, which is our right, should be given in a judicious way.
Mohammad Zia-ul-Haque
International Islamic University

A Great Revolutionary
Unlike most other singers in the world of Bangla music, Feroza Begum stands supreme for her outstanding revolutionary quality. Undeniably, her contribution to Bangla music is immensely significant. I appreciate the Star's digging up the story behind her in 'A Legendary Voice' (December 5, 2008).
Feroza Begum is, no doubt, a great revolutionary. As a pioneer, she revolted against the fundamental attitude of the authorities insisting on rendering only their selections. She also rebelled against the constraining attitude of her family to her career as a singer. However, at that time her devotion to Nazrul Sangeet added a revolutionary popularity in Bangla music in Kolkata. Her superiority becomes more stable when her wedged decision brought about a renewal of Nazrul Sangeet at the HMV rehearsal room.
Feroza Begum has held up the glory and honour of Nazrul Sangeet throughout her life. Her revolution on establishing Nazrul Sangeet at its deserving pinnacle has successfully come true.
Ashim Kumar Paul
Department of English
Govt. Edward College, Pabna

Country Branding and Victory Day

On the eve occasion of the 38th Victory Day of Bangladesh, we are very glad to find our own country's logo and meaningful brand name, 'Beautiful Bangladesh'. This, we could consider, is a kind of rebirth of Bangladesh.
The paraphrase of logo and brand name reflects exclusive Bangladeshi chemistry. The colour of the logo and the font style with different colours on the alphabets of brand phrase is really eye-catching.
After having a country logo and brand name, we have now additional responsibilities to keep its significance through collective work and contributions. Tourism is an ideal way to enhance our image through the new brand phrase and attractive logo. Besides, to popularise the logo and brand name, we need to keep campaigning regularly so that they are remembered.
We expect the next elected government will consider tourism development with the 3Ds: Dedication, Discipline and Determination.
Mohammad Shahidul Islam
Tourism Worker

Islam and Terrorism
In the investigation on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last month, it is revealed that some Muslim students trained in Pakistan have played a part.
Religion teaches us to save lives not take them away. A man who kills innocent people using Islam as a reason cannot be real Muslim, ever. The Holy Quran and Hadith are the main source of Islamic teachings. The Quran says about terrorism, “if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind. The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and his Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land." (5:31-32) so on.
One-fifth of the population of this world are Muslims. They like peace and harmony. The media should not blame Islam or Muslims in general for these politically-motivated incidents. These people are not poster-boys of Islam.
Mohammad Khademul Islam
BSS (Hons), Dept. of International Relations
University of Chittagong

Saving the silver screen
Most of the films produced by Dhaliwood are so vulgar that it can't be seen in the presence of family members. These films can do much harm to the mentality of the young generation. They don't have anything to learn from these movies except immoral behaviour. These will lead us to social disorganisation. I always think that directors, artistes, producer and other people related to film industry should have good aesthetic sense. But most of the time they are proving me wrong. Filmmaking is a business but business can be done in better taste. Our short films and TV plays are proving this point repeatedly. I strongly believe that there are more viewers for aesthetic film than for vulgar films. Filmmakers have a social responsibility to create a positive environment for viewers to enjoy films with family.
Jhalok Ronjan Talukdar
Master of Social Work

The Deplorable Mumbai Attacks
We condemn the atrocious attacks in Mumbai, commiserate, and lament for the lives affected. None of us who love peace want repetition of such incidents. But just after the happening of this incident, we sew condemnation and finger-pointing. Many big terrorist attacks have also been taken place in Bangladesh and Pakistan. So, it ought not to be said that Bangladesh and Pakistan are fostering terrorists for attacking India. I heartily request the Indian Government to look at communal forces within their own country. The Indian Government should also understand that killing or punishing a few selected militants can't be a means of exterminating terrorism.
Nazrul Islam
Dept. of Mgt. Studies
University of Chittagong

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