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     Volume 8 Issue 53 | January 16, 2009 |

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"Take full charge of your respective ministries within seven days, and work to overcome the challenges we face. I'll not accept any exception."
prime minister
at cabinet meeting.
She has also said, "We can't fail.”

"I am panicking because I cannot follow the new method depending on the class lectures alone."
a student of class eight in Viqarunnisa Noon School and College.
Fifty percent of the country's secondary school students who have already started their academic year have to wait for at least two to three months more before they get new textbooks because of irregularities.

"The delegation is visiting Bangladesh to inform our government about the involvement of the former premier's son in money laundering, and to assist Bangladesh in recovering it."
a counsel to the Anti-corruption Commission
about the visit of a foreign delegation that has identified some members of the Four-Party Alliance government who have been involved in laundering $200 million to Singapore.

"People want to buy rice at Tk 10; they want fertiliser for free and job for one from each family."
former prime minister and chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) at a public meeting.

“One percent agricultural land becomes non-agricultural every year due to other usage of land. There would be no land left for agricultural use after 50 years if the trend continues.”
former minister and BNP leader.

“As a lawyer and human rights activist I have certain commitments to the people. The government is also committed to restore the Constitution of 1972. If those commitments are fulfilled, the religious militancy and terrorism emerged in recent years in the country will be rooted out.”
Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

“When I look into his eyes, I think he's my dog. But when I take him back to the shop, he runs away from me and starts wagging his tail when he sees the next customer. That's when I know he's only a rental dog.”
a waitress in Japan
where it costs about $10 to rent a pet for an hour. Because their life remains hectic more and more Japanese are hiring pets instead of keeping them.


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