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     Volume 8 Issue 54 | January 24, 2009 |

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Star Diary

A Warning to all Computer Users

Just a few days back, I took my Computer for repairing to the outlet on the first floor of Computer City, Agargaon from where I had bought it. They insisted that I give them time for a thorough check up and call them on the next day to know what the problem. As I had bought the computer from this shop, by this time they came to know that the expiry date of the parts was over. The next day they informed me that the hard disk, RAM and the Mother Board were all damaged. They advised me to change all these three components along with the processor. If I changed the processor too, my computer would be updated, they informed. They also let me know that all the parts would cost Tk 12,500 and if I sold the damaged parts then they would buy them from me at Tk 2,000. This confused me and so I took my computer to another service centre on the ground floor. They, however, told me that only the RAM was damaged and that they will be able to repair it if I bought them the RAM. Since then, I have been maintaining good relationship with this shop, for the last five years and I must say that I got good value from this relationship.

Khabiruzzaman (Shaikat)
NCC Bank Limited, Dhaka

The Lost Man

A few weeks ago I was returning home after my classes ended. I was walking on the busy pavement towards the bus stand. Suddenly I came across a crowd of people, watching with fear and bewilderment in their eyes, a man who had no clothes on! I was utterly astounded to see a middle-aged man behaving normally with his surroundings, even though he was stark naked. It was clear that the man was not mentally stable. I remember seeing him a few times on the streets with no clothes on. One time, however, he did have only a shirt on. I don't blame this man for creating such an embarrassing situation around. Rather, my anger is towards the man's family members who have let him go lost in the world of distress.

AIUB, Banani, Dhaka.

What's in a Name?

A few months ago, I had appeared to give a viva exam. The interviewer, in front of me, was a smart man. I was somewhat nervous though I was trying to control my emotions. The first question that he asked me was if I could show him my identity card. "Are you a managing director of a company?" he asked. I was shocked. I am just a student, I replied. How could I be a managing director of a company? After a while, I understood what the interviewer meant. The 'Md' in my name before Ziaul Haque refereed to Mohammad, which can also mean 'Managing Director'. He intentionally asked me this to test me. "Why do you have an abridged version of your name?" he asked. "You should write the full name and have no confusion over it."

Mohammad Zia-ul-Haque
International Islamic University, Chittagong

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