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     Volume 8 Issue 55 | January 30, 2009 |

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Student Politics
From 1947 to 1990 student politics has played a crucial role and presented us with the right to speak in our mother tongue, and brought about the long-cherished dream victory over the occupation forces of Pakistan and democracy over autocracy. Their political involvement has always centred on the interest of the country. The countrymen will always remain grateful to these great leaders. But after the 90s student politics has lost its proud role. Now our so-called student politics has only given us godfathers, occupants extortionists and terrorists. Can it give us good politicians any more? Student politics has now become a bolt on student's escutcheon and the first and foremost cause of session jams. By so-called student leaders, we now mean, some black sheep of the respective campus and rag taged and bobtailed students (few exception may have) who use their muscle power and political espousal to force the general students to tolerate them. Our student leaders have no patience to observe the situation. Their politics centres around hall occupancy, extortion, terrorism and other malpractices.

The recent incidents carried out by the Awami League-led Chatra League has eroded the party's other successes. We hope the government will bring back the educational environment back into the classrooms and not make it remain in its present state for too long.

Md. Anowar Hossain (Sabuz)
Finance & Banking (4th year)
University of Chittagong

On 'Getting Back Our Health'
When the issue of children's health is a topical discussion, the cover story 'Getting Back Our Health' (January 16, 2009) was a timely response to the deteriorating health conditions for the lack of infrastructure, corruption, and the slack implementation of the health policy, even formulating a comprehensive health policy has yet to be materialised.

Health is a major issue for the newly elected government to deliberate on. It has already been declared in its manifesto for change in every sector and health is a top priority to ensure building a generation sound not only in mind but also in body.

We hope that 'health for all' will not be a mere slogan but a determination and dedication that the people, especially the more vulnerable groups, will be provided with their basic right to posses sound health which has a profound impact on the future generation.

Although the mass privatisation of the health sector is an important indicator of the development of infrastructure and the competitive environment which will create quality health service, it must be ensured that the purpose of this endeavour is not only to do business by exploiting the people of a poor country but also enhancing the economic progress of this country by increasing the quality of life of the people.

The revolution that the caretaker government has brought about in the outlook of people in utilising national resources through prioritising the welfare of the common people, should be accelerated by the new government by reforming the existing policies and human and non-human infrastructures which will be a true reward to the people who are running the wheel of fortune of this country through hard labour and perseverance.

Amit Abdullah
Department Of Finance, DU

In Praise of Our Media
Things are making a steady change in our social and political life in our country. Take the recent, almost historical, elections in our country for example; the media, print and electronic, have played a great role in many ways. They provided the readers with the current news of electoral information -- ups and downs -- things good or bad -- at different constituencies at the nook and corners of the country, which the viewers found very authentic and quick at their happiness.

Media, in our country, have done great jobs to mention just one here-- they've played a colossal role in raising public awareness on numerous issues--personal, social, health related, entertainment and international. This act is the foremost requisite to an overall development of the individuals and the collective ones as well.

We salute our media print and electronic for their honest efforts in letting the people know the diverse facts around sticking to its core manifesto “People's right to know” the truth. We further hope that media in our country will be marching ahead fearless, unbiased and being the people's mouthpiece!

Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Israel's Massacre in Palestine
Before the birth of Israel in the Middle East in 1948, the Jewish people lived in several countries as refugees. America and Britain played an important part in establishing a Jewish country in the Muslim world. The promise to the Jews came in the form of the Balfour Declaration (named for the British foreign secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, who communicated the declaration) issued by the British in 1917.

What do we see in the Middle East after 1948? Three wars occurred between Israel and Arab countries. Israel won each of them. How does a newborn country become a regional super power? Her military powers are the strongest in all Arab countries. She kills or captures innocent Palestinian people including women and children every year. On the other hand, the western media portrays the Palestinian non-military citizens as 'terror or separatist' group. This country is a 'cancer' for the peace of the Middle East.

What are the observations of the state actors and non-state actors in the world on the question of the Middle East peace settlement? Why does America play a partial role against Muslims? Whenever the Christian population becomes conscious for liberation or recognition, America, Britain, UN and EU etc. play important roles to preserve their rights and demand. There was much apathy from the rest of the world about the atrocities that Israel carried out over Palestine in the last few weeks and the UN must take a stand and ensure that such act of violence do not happen again.

Mohammad Khademul Islam
BSS (Hons), 1st year
Dept. of International Relations
University of Chittagong

Never-ending Obstacles of Our Country
Modern Technology is a great blessing to us in many ways and it is something that we need to use in each and every sphere of our education system. Undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in shaping a nation for all sorts of challenges that it faces. So, it is quite understandable to see why it has such an enormous influence on human life. But it is a matter of great regret that we don't have enough modern facilities in our private schools. Negligence of duty on our part, poor research work, various kinds of technology problems are the most prevailing factors-- why we have failed to get the true and proper recognition from the other countries of the world. We need modern laboratory equipments for the students especially in the field of science. There are many obstacles which we need to overcome to facilitate the enrichment of our education system to a much satisfactory level. Vigilance should be ensured and maintained by the government for the welfare of the students. It will take a lot of hard work, struggle and determination on our part to build up a better technological infrastructure for the advancement of our country.

I would like to request all the concerned authorities to provide students with the environment where they can show their potential and ability and also to take initiatives in ensuring stability that will further accelerate the development of our country

I would like to give heartfelt thanks to the star magazine for giving the people the opportunity of raising awareness about such indispensable issues.

Tasneem Khaled
South Khulshi, Chittagong

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