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     Volume 8 Issue 55 | January 30, 2009 |

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"We haven't found any links between the killing and the 10 men accused in the previous chargesheet."
Criminal Investigation Department Special Superintendent of Police
who is supervising the investigation into the assassination of former finance minister SAMS Kibria.

"The way the then ruling BNP tried to cover it up suggests some of its influential leaders had been involved in the killing."
wife of slain Awami League leader SAMS Kibria.

"The new generation has become aware of war criminals and our liberation war, which is why, people voted the Awami League to power…And we will obviously take steps to try the war criminals."

state minister for home affairs

"Because in some countries they have managed very well, and it worked extremely very well, and in some countries it has not gone so well."
UN Resident Coordinator
about the trial of the war criminals of 1971.
She has added, “"We talked how it's been dealt with in other countries because, as you know, they have this issue of the war crimes and there are different mechanisms that have been used to try to solve this problem in different countries…We study how it worked well in other countries and I look into Bangladesh context, specifics here. So, we do adopt the mechanism to what is best for Bangladesh."

"War criminals are those who worked as auxiliary forces of the then Pakistani occupation forces and committed crimes against humanity including killing, lootings, rapes, arson and forced people to leave the country."
law minister
regarding the trial of war criminals.
He has also said, "Law ministry is ready to assist the home ministry to provide legal assistance.”

"Bodi entered at least 10 polling centres and put seal on ballot papers in favour of his chosen candidates. He also beat assistant presiding officer at Sufia Community School Centre Banshiram Dey, presiding officer of Naikhhongchhari centre Abu Ahmed and assistant presiding officer of Natun Pallan Para centre Mohammad Ayub."
rebel chairman candidate of the Awami League
about his party's MP Abdur Rahman Bodi.
The Election Commission has suspended the polls results of seven upazilas in line with the allegations of massive irregularities during the polling.


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