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     Volume 8 Issue 61 | March 13, 2009 |

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"We expected this government to be a different one and handle the administration with professionalism. But what we see now is disappointing."
A Senior Bureaucrat
to The Daily Star.
According to the report, “Activities of Bangladesh Secretariat have almost come to a standstill due to uncertainty created by random changes of officials and lack of assertiveness and commanding skills of most of the ministers.”

"Plot is still on to foil the country's democracy, independence and sovereignty."
prime minister
urging all to be alert about what she called an "evil game and conspiracy".

"By analogy, if there have to be roles for MPs in all other elected local bodies that is, union parishad, zila parishad, municipality and city corporation, this clearly will jeopardise the functioning of local authority and distract MPs from performing their main responsibilities in parliament."
on the proposed involvement of
MPs with upazila parishad.

"I want to know whether non-BDR members inv olved in the incident will be arrested. If yes, who will arrest them? People want to know whether suspects would be ousted from important posts and arrested."
leader of the opposition.

" The current state of security in parliament doesn't seem sufficient. The prime minister has directed us to ensure foolproof security here."
Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister
about how perpetrators of the Pilkhana massacre will be tried.

"Internet users have no access to YouTube. We understand that it has been blocked by the authorities."
a director of the country's leading Internet service provider, BDCom.
"The government can block any site that contains anti-state or subversive contents, which may cause unrest. We took the measure temporarily. It will be lifted soon," a senior government official has told Agence France-Presse.

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