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    Volume 8 Issue 62 | March 20, 2009 |

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Star Diary

TV Watch

For the last many weeks, I have trying to relax late at night with a little TV. So after everyone would go to sleep, I would flip through channels looking for reruns of the natoks and interviews of celebrities on the various private channels that we have. But there would be nothing to watch except for news discussions and political talk shows. Last week, I thought of doing something new and sat down to watch the daily Hindi soaps that many in my family so dedicatedly watch every single day. I was watching one late at night on Star Plus about a girl belonging to an aristocrat family of Rajasthan. What I understood from the thirty minutes of the soap, is that the girl's family were looking for a groom for the girl and were distraught from the fact that their daughter was rejected by another aristocrat family in the region. Well, I told myself, good luck to the family, I am not watching it anymore. However, the next night, I switched on to the same channel to watch the same show and find out what exactly happens to the girl later on. This went on for a whole week! I stopped myself when I realised that I was getting hooked to the serial! So a word of caution to everyone - stick to channels like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.
Fathima Tarannum
Shegun Bagicha

No Heart

The other day I was passing through a narrow road. Suddenly, I saw an old man looking for something on the road with his shaking hands. I stood there for a while and understood that he was blind. He was looking for his begging bowl, which fell from his hands. He requested many pedestrians to look for the bowl and give it to him but none of them cared to do this. To add to it all, they also pushed him to one corner because he was blocking the way. I immediately helped him get his bowl. It is such a brutal city now. Everyday it seems like people are getting robotic and losing a little bit of their souls.
Tawrit Ahmed

The Loadshedding Saga

My daughter is giving her SSC exams and is very busy preparing for them. The recent loadshedding problem is distressing her a lot. Along with studying chapter by chapter in a disciplined manner, her daily routine also includes buying extra candles, matchboxes and keeping a hand-fan beside herself. Seeing this, I spoke to the rest of the families living in the family and together we bought a generator for the building. However, the other day I came home from office and saw that there was no electricity in spite of the new generator. My daughter was back to studying by candlelight. I asked the caretaker why the generator was not switched on, to which he replied that even the generator was exhausted! That particular day, the generator had to be switched on several times, something beyond the capability of the machine. I hope that the government will look into this problem and relieve us from this problem once and for all.
Abdur Rahman

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