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     Volume 8 Issue 63 | March 27, 2009 |

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On the cover story “The curse of Cupid”

The search for love and relationships began from the time of Adam and Eve. Just as satan deceived them in the Garden of Eden, there will be wrongdoers who will confuse and deceive innocent people. Though technology has facilitated the interplay of love and friendship throughout the world irrespective of the location, the distress in terms of deception, frustration and melancholy has also increased. Though it's not possible to avoid the digital world for fear of being cheated, precautions must be taken while providing personal information. This can reduce the hazard and ensure a safe and spontaneous relationship over a long period.
Sheikh Abdullah
Department of Finance
University Of Dhaka


While I was reading the cover story “Love @ First Byte” I kept thinking about why our teens and twenties make the mistakes that they do. Interestingly, I have seen many of my friends stick to the net all day neglecting regular activities -- even they don't take their meals properly. We know that “ A mistake is not a mistake, but to repeat a mistake is a mistake ”. We must remember that in this case one mistake can ruin a life. There are a lot of businesses that target this emotion called “love”. They play with people's emotions and encourage our youth to spend valuable time on frivolous activities. We condemn this attempt to destroy our youthful spirit.
Md.Mohaimenul Islam Anik
BBA, North South University

Terror Alerts
Are the constant headlines about terrorism helping or hurting us? These days, no country in the world is free from terror threat. From the US to India to Egypt, all countries have to be careful about this. The security forces as well as the people have to be alert. But recently we see our ministers and the media constantly talking about terrorism. Every day some newspapers make terrorism their headline. This may give the impression that the country is being taken over by extremists. Recently warnings were sent to schools about terror threat. Parents are now panic stricken. This undermines confidence, and terrorises people. It is also bad for the business climate. Let the law enforcement agencies work hard to stop extremists, but constant terror warnings to the public only makes the water muddy. This is what the terrorists want, is it not? We should all be more responsible.
Siraj Uddin Sarkar
Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong

Manpower Abroad

Bangladesh is a developing nation. Usually unskilled or semi-skilled young people go to Europe, America, and especially to the Middle Eastern countries in search of better jobs and attractive salaries. Most of them get the money for visa and ticket by selling their own homestead or family members' ornaments. In recent days news of visas of Bangladeshi migrant workers being cancelled has alarmed us. The cancellation is occurring in Middle Eastern countries in the name of worldwide economic crisis. Recently 55,000 Bangladeshi labourers had their visa cancelled by Malaysian authorities. This is not only unexpected for them but also terrible news for those family members who depend on the money they send.
We hope in the present circumstances, the government will play an important role in solving this problem through bilateral talks.
Mohammad Khademul Islam
BSS (Hons) 2nd year
Dept. of International Relations
University of Chittagong.


It is matter of great regret that our workers abroad are facing a hard time. Everyday, we hear news of labour retrenchment by the employers. In most of the cases, it is the result of dishonest activity by middlemen and recruiting agencies. There is an allegation that our foreign mission in those countries have failed to tackle the situation. We demand that our government will take necessary steps for the welfare of those expatriate workers and will take legal actions against those culprits who are responsible for landing our migrant labourers in this state of misery.
Md. Anisuzzaman Sarker
MBA, Finance
University of Chittagong

Cricket for Peace

In today's world cricket is a medium for peace and solidarity. Through cricket, strong brotherhood is established among the players as well as between the people of two countries. The bloodshed at BDR headquarters on February 25 has terrified the people of Bangladesh. Because of such unwanted incidents and considering the situation of the country the government decided to stop the series between Bangladesh and Pakistan. But this game is a passion for the people of South-Asian cricket playing nations. People of Bangladesh want cricket. They love cricket. We believe that cricket will again bring happiness to the people of our country. So we hope that the government will soon take the decision to allow the cricket series to go ahead.
Foyjul Islam
Nikunjo-2, Khilkhet

A 50-Taka Smoke

Smoking is undoubtedly a bad habit which is nothing but taking deadly poison. We all know our government has enacted a law banning smoking in public places. If anyone disobeys the law, he has to pay fine of Tk. 50. But we've hardly seen police or mobile courts punishing someone for disobeying this law. On the contrary, we often see people openly flouting the law. If the law is not used properly, then is there any necessity of such a law?
Smokers who indulge in their bad habit in public places owe us Tk 50 per puff, and I suggest the law enforcement agencies act to ensure that they pay up. This will deter them and allow the rest of us to live and breathe in a healthy atmosphere.
Md. Asfath Ullah (Siyam)
BBA, Khulna University

For a Peaceful Campus
We the general students of Chittagong University are very anxious about the terrible situation prevailing on our campus. A few days ago we had a terrible incident at the railway station when two groups of the ruling party's student wing started fighting in medieval style. Ten students were injured. The situation is still tense. I urge the government to take immediate steps to stop violence in all the campuses.
M. Nuruddin Shohag
Dept of Law
University of Chittagong

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