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     Volume 8 Issue 63 | March 27, 2009 |

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"After an analysis of the information gleaned from different sources, it seemed to me that militants were involved.
Besides, I have visited the crime scene and talked to many people.
Lt Col (retd) FARUK KHAN
Commerce Minister

"Too much talk about militant activities would only tarnish the country's image prompt others to brand Bangladesh as a militant state."
Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
He has also said, ““These days, we see militants lurk in every jungle,” he said adding, “We need to be careful while talking militancy. Two of our directors have already faced visa problems due to this.”

"There is law in the country to try war criminals."
law minister
saying his government will take necessary steps to gather documents on war crimes in 1971 and bring back the war criminals who fled the country.

"The minister was on her way to attend the programme but I saw no preparation for the seminar at the venue and none of the organisers were there. So I told the minister not to come."
information officer of the foreign ministry.
Foreign Minister Dipu Moni was on her way to the Russian Cultural Centre to attend a seminar on international sea boundary.

"The education system has to include the needs of marginalised children and a comprehensive holistic education policy is needed."
country representative of Unicef.

"The need is for a major reduction in total meat intake, an even larger reduction in processed meat and other highly processed and salted animal source food products and a reduction in total saturated fat."
the University of North Carolina.
According to the BBC, a recent study has shown that “big meat eaters had a raised risk of death from all causes over a 10-year period.”

"The delay in calling the fire fighters obviously raises some questions."
state minister for home
A probe committee that investigated the fire incident at Bashundhara Shopping Complex found gross negligence by the Complex authority in handling the situation. Six people died in the incident.

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