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     Volume 8 Issue 64 | April 3, 2009 |

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On the cover story “The Testimony of Sixty”
The document 'The Testimony of Sixty' which depicts the international concern about the sufferings of the common people of Bangladesh in the Indian refugee camps has played a significant role in raising awareness in the world about the humanitarian distress of a war-shattered nation and the testimony of the world's leading personalities in that time has glorified the war of freedom.
Since time immemorial, the people of this delta have been fighting against the foreign occupying forces remarkably from the battle of Plassey to the war of 1971. This fight is also against the tremendous natural disasters which indicates that the people of Bengal are never defeated in the struggle for survival and one day, this country must find its true place in the world.
The government and other authorities concerned have the solemn responsibility to recognise the contribution of the world and world media in our war of liberation by considering them as freedom fighters which will greatly encourage the foreigners in imparting the true history of the war of independence in 1971 on the global scale and this will be the yardstick to establish us as a nation of incessant struggle against all sorts of injustice, operation and backwardness.
Sheikh Abdullah
Department Of Finance, University Of Dhaka

Job Market at Stake !
According to media, our job market is at stake due to the world economic crisis and some other internal problems. During the last Caretaker government both local and foreign investments reached a record low. So for the last few years we failed to create enough job opportunities. Apart form this vital issue international economic tempest, unworthy decisions of so-called bureaucrats and political inconsistency have played their part in the crisis.
Personally, I have to enter into job market within a year or two. But still it is uncertain whether I shall be able to obtain a job (i.e. “Shonar Horin”) in accordance to my qualifications.
Aiman Bin Shaofiqul Hamid
Dept. of English
International Islamic University Chittagong

Fire at Bashundhara City- Accident or Conspiracy?

What happened on the afternoon of March, 13 2009 in Bashundhara City is indeed another tragedy. No one can be sure whether it was just an accident or a conspiracy. I was sitting in front of the television set when suddenly the news came that there was a fire in Bashundhara Corporate office. Initially we thought that it was perhaps a small accident but as time went by, more dreadful news came and soon everybody was in front of the television set, speechlessly looking at those horrifying live pictures in the news channels.
It is not the first time that such accidents happened in Bangladesh. Previously we have seen the Ntv building turning into ashes with the ghastly fires. And now, one of the most prestigious shopping mall of Bangladesh is the next victim. It is high time we realise that we need to improve our fire brigade systems. We need to provide them with more advanced equipments to fight with the deadly fire. Although I think the fire brigade members are indeed praiseworthy, who risked their lives to save the trapped ones inside the mall. But in the end, there is still a question that needs to be answered - Was it indeed an accident or a deep-seated conspiracy?
Abu Mohammad Mahdin,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Eradicating Acid Throwing
Only a few days ago, we observed International Women's Day. Women in society are constantly being inflicted with many woes. Among these, acid violence is the most dangerous and ferocious crime. School and college-going girls often become the victim of acid violence. To raise awareness about the issue a program is being telecasted which is the initiative of Dutch Bangla Bank, for which the bank should be appreciated. Acid violence cannot be removed within a few days. We have to go a long way. Our eyes have become too tired by seeing the news of acid violence and road accident almost regularly in the newspaper. If we do not feel safe outside the four walls of our house, we can never build a “Happy Bangladesh”.
Akash Pradip
Lecturer and writer
Bangladesh Health Professions Institute
CRP, Savar, Dhaka

On Love @ First Byte

As a student of anthropology I can't but take up a pen to write a few words after reading the article “ Love @ First Byte” published on March 20 '09. At first, it is required to define the term “Culture”- a set of rules or standards shared by members of a society, which when acted upon by members, produce behaviours that fall within a range of variance the member consider proper and acceptable ( W.A. Havilland , “ Anthropology-1989”)”. I think most of the people of our country will accept the views that, the present culture of romantic social frontier isn't supported by the above definition of culture. Because this scenario is only applicable for the metropolitan cities and few towns which are wishing to become “modern” but not for our villages, where the blessings of modern technology are hitherto absent. On the other hand only a particular group of people are associated with this type of romantic interactions. They are trying to adopt with the western culture and want to be “modern”.
-After reading the article, we've also learnt how a boy / girl can fall in a trap within a short time by losing his/her financial and social bearings. By engaging in this type of romantic interaction most of the couple are becoming vulnerable to STI/STD. So, all of us should come forward to work against “ The Curse of Cupid” by taking effective initiatives , such as ,
-Counselling in family, class room and boarding house
-Awareness campaign by civil society as part of social corporate responsibility
-Peer education those who have been adversely affected and can advise new comers.
-Increase awareness among parents in which they can motivate and control their son/daughter.
-Increase individual responsibility as a growing up citizen of society
-Be ready to patronise our own cultural norms and values.
Md. Nasir Uddin
Project Coordinator
HIV & STI Prevention Project
Light House , Bogra-5800


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