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    Volume 8 Issue 66 | April 24, 2009 |

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Star Diary

CV References

I recently got done with my Honours examinations and like everyone else my age, I prepared a CV to apply to a private bank. For my references, I mentioned the name of one of my teachers and my brother's friend, who is also my mentor. Both of them are high school teachers and well respected in society. Seeing my CV, many of my seniors, however, mentioned that if I really want to work in a private company or anywhere for that matter, I had better change my references. According to them, I should write the names of powerful people who can actually do a lot with a single phone call. I was flabbergasted after hearing this. My references might not be able to show their power through phone calls, but they are the ones who educate the young minds in this country. I plan to go on applying to organisations with my mentor and my teacher as references.

Md. Azam Khan
University of Chittagong

Dare to Disrespect

On the day of Pohela Boishakh, my friends and I went to Ramna and were walking around the area to celebrate the day special day. The rally or the "Mongol Shobhajatra" is a special treat from Charukala students for us. Everybody expects to be a viewer of this special rally. So, on that day, my friends and I gathered to watch this spectacular rally near the TSC. With the general people, lots of media people were also there. They became very busy with their cameras trying to capture the colourful rally. It was, however, shocking to see that most of the media people got on the shoulders of the "Rajo'r bhaskorjo" to take the photo of the rally! It was beyond my imagination as to how they could actually dare to do something like this. One has to do his job but that does not necessarily mean that you have to disrespect others' emotions.

Mazed Bin Md. Yusuf Bhuiyan
East West University

Load Shedding

Recently, load shedding has become a major problem for everyone in the country, especially the students. With Exams coming up, it has become very difficult to study these days. Education is greatly affected by this. The Government had promised to digitalise our country. How do they plan to do this if they cannot provide us electricity? Students have to study with the help of candle lights. I don't think this is the way our country will ever develop. Firms cannot produce without power supply which will cause unemployment. The policy to save electricity was to close all shops at 8 pm but I don't think this is of any actual use. The electricity also goes off after midnight which makes no sense. I hope the government will do something about this, otherwise the future of Bangladesh will be as bright as the mere flame of the candle light.

Danish Ahmed
Summerfield International School

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