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     Volume 8 Issue 66 | April 24, 2009 |

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"We have asked the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to be on high alert so that no one can harm the prime minister. Besides, people will always be there to resist the schemers--be they local or international.."
home minister
after an Indian newspaper has run a report that says that
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's life is at risk.

"In my job life, I have never seen so many arrests and so many investigators probing one single case."
additional inspector general of police
about the investigation into the BDR carnage in which 400 Criminal Investigation Department members, 1,500 from the Rapid Action Battalion personnel, around 2,000 from Dhaka Metropolitan Police and some army men are involved.

"From now on, we shall remain vigilant and try our best to find out the militants. If we find any of them, we shall hand him over to the administration."
a Kawmi Madrasa leader.

"The original syllabus of holy Quran, Hadith can never be changed. But, I think, the madrasa students need training and education on science and technology for getting more employment opportunities."
prime minister
about changing the syllabus of Kawmi Madrasas.
"The government needs your suggestions and cooperation to eliminate the evil force that is using the name of Islam to carry out terrorist activities," she has also told Kawmi Madrasa leaders.

"If the Kawmi madrasa education is brought under the general curriculum of education, the madrasas will be registered. The madrasa students will then get general education and certificates and as a result they will get jobs like the students who study general curriculum."
law minister.

"Soon after Khaleda Zia came to power in 1991, she sacked all the upazila chairmen with a stroke of the pen. Later, the upazila laws too were repealed by the House."
LGRD and Cooperatives Minister
reacting to some newly elected Upazila Chairmen's suggestion that the Upazila Parishad Act 2009 trims their power as elected representatives and requires them to accept the local MP's advice. Some Upazilas consist of two or more parliamentary constituencies.

"I cannot see anything except for failure. Educational institutions are being closed one after another due to terrorist acts of ruling party's student wing."
former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition
at a teleconference.
"I might be evicted from the cantonment house that bears memories of former president Ziaur Rahman, announcer of independence of Bangladesh, but nobody can drive me out of politics," she has said.
Ziaur Rahman, a military dictator who was brutally murdered in 1981 in a failed coup, commanded one of the first conventional brigades of the Mukti Bahini; his brigade was called 'Z Force'. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh's independence.

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