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    Volume 8 Issue 67 | May 1, 2009 |

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Star Diary

A City

Life in Dhaka city has now become intolerable in the summer. It has crossed all the limits and people have clearly lost their patience. On the one hand we don't have electricity and on the other hand there is no water. The two most important necessities have now become extinct in Dhaka. Even in places like Dhanmondi, we are having problems with the water supply. The main supply from Dhaka WASA contains dirty water, which is not at all suitable to drink. And in addition to all these, there is the excess heat even before summer has begun in full swing. And these intolerable conditions are not only hampering our daily lives but our studies. I plead with the authorities: Please do something about this as soon as possible! We need a solution to these major problems immediately.

Mohammad Mahdin
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

An 'Unbelievable' Incident

In my math class last week, our teacher was teaching us normally, when suddenly he seemed to remember something that made him give a broad smile. With a lot of enthusiasm, he shared an unbelievable piece of information with us. “Everyone!” he exclaimed. “Something unbelievable happened yesterday! The electricity was gone only for half an hour yesterday!” We all laughed our heads off at his joy. Load shedding in Dhaka city has gone so far, that it is hampering the education sector, especially during exams and classes, leaving students and teachers exhausted. And a day without load shedding leads to bewilderment and also happiness amongst people to an extent.

Nishat Binte Mohiuddin
Maple Leaf International School

A Pahela Baishakh Gift!

The other day I had to go Motijheel from Mohammadpur for some urgent work. I generally take the Mega City Bus, since its counter is near my house. As usual I went to that counter to buy a ticket. I handed a 20 taka note, (fare is 16tk) and the counter man returned back my change - three takas and a candy. I was delighted to get the little chocolate. Thinking it to be a Pahela Baishakh gift from the bus service (it was Pahela Baishakh the day after), I took it and waited for the one taka change. The man at the counter then said that he was unable to give me one taka, which is why he gave me the chocolate! I was slightly shocked and asked him for the taka instead of the chocolate (which I had already happily devoured a while back). The man at the counter then said to take the change from him the next time we met. I thought the chocolate idea was good, however, I am always in need of change.

Md Zonaed Emran
University of Dhaka

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