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    Volume 8 Issue 69 | May 15, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Street Children

Last week, I witnessed something that truly disgusted me on the road. Usually when traffic signals turn red, little children run up to the vehicles to beg for money or to wipe the mirrors with their rags. On that particular day, I saw a child walk towards the Toyota beside mine. He began to clean the vehicle without seeking the owner's permission. Immediately the owner began to hurl abuses at the child. I was shocked to see how a civilised man like him could come up with such monstrous words. But this wasn't the only thing he did. When the child walked up to him and asked for money, he took hold of the child's collars and slapped him! The poor child just ran away. I can't help wondering and thinking about the violence that children on the streets face every day.

Noshin Sharar

CNG Revolt!

About two weeks ago, the CNG autorickshaw drivers put up a strike. Since this strike was not declared, we did not know about it and thus on that day, I was on way to my university on a CNG run autorickshaw. Suddenly I was stopped by the picketers on the road, and was thrown on the road from my vehicle. Thanks to the local people, I was rescued and moved away. But the poor driver of the autorickshaw was beaten by his fellow CNG autorickshaw drivers. Moreover, the CNG was smashed and broken by the strikers. Eventually, I was able to reach my university and appear for my exams. Later on, when I was returning home, my friends and I got stuck in the riot caused by the picketers and the police. In fact, the picketers also injured several of the journalists on the spot. I was shocked at the attitude of these strikers. This is not the way to get anything done, at the cost of beating innocent people.

Aiman Bin Shaofiqul Hamid
International Islamic University Chittagong

Where are the Gentlemen?

That day when I got onto a bus I saw one of the passengers taking two seats together; one was for him while the other was for his packages. When all the seats were full, a woman with a four to five month-old-child got on the bus and when she couldn't find an empty seat, she requested the passenger to keep his goods on his lap and let her sit. I was shocked when the man refused her request saying that he had paid for both the seats. Even though there were other male travellers who were watching this, no one wanted to sacrifice their seats. Seeing this I felt pity on her and decided to give away mine. Where have all the gentlemen of this country gone?

Kakrial, Dhaka

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