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     Volume 8 Issue 69 | May 15, 2009 |

  Cover Story
  Special Feature
  Writing the Wrong
  Photo Feature
  Straight Talk
  Musings - A   Self-  effacing,   Brave Man
  Neighbours-Blood in   the Red Corridor
  Neighbours-Living   with the Taliban
  Star Diary
  Book Review
  Post Script

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Photo Feature

Urban Wildlife

There was a time when humans lived side by side with wild creatures. Now, thanks to the growing population and cities sprawling into the countryside, the natural wildlife habitat has shrunk. The habitat that remains, scarcely bears any resemblance to the areas that existed in the past. However, if you look closely enough, you will find a few of the endangered species springing up, now and then, blending into the urban existence - exotic parakeets, strange varieties of frogs, bright-coloured parrots hidden amongst the Krishnochura leaves and the deshi Chorui.

Syed Zakir Hussain