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     Volume 8 Issue 69 | May 15, 2009 |

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"If the HC verdict is upheld following the government's withdrawal prayers, secularism-one of the four principles of the state--will automatically be restored in the constitution."
state minister for Law.
"Scrapping of the fifth amendment will revive the four basic
principles on which the war of independence was waged
against Pakistani colonial rule in 1971," he has
also said.

"Soon the tannery industries from Hazaribagh will be relocated. We have already instructed the government attorney to resolve the cases regarding the relocation of Hazaribagh tanneries."
Industries minister.

"A consensus was made to advance the daytime by an hour from June 16."
state minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources.

"We are open to new ideas. We are committed to nuclear power. It is sad that our engineers went to other countries to build nuclear power plants while we sat for decades. But let us start now."
energy adviser to the Prime Minister.

"Your honeymoon period is over. You have got enough time to learn about your business and the time has come for you to perform. So work seriously…"
prime minister
at a cabinet meeting
"You must know how many projects are there in your ministries and how many have been implemented. If necessary, put pressure on the officials to implement the projects," she has also told her colleagues.

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