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     Volume 8 Issue 72 | June 5, 2009 |

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"I told the Pakistani foreign minister that it will not be a victor's justice while we are holding the trial of the war criminals of our country."
foreign minister
she has also said, "When I asked him to hold the trial of their war criminals as there is an international obligation, he told me to have further talks on it and I told him that we have no problem with holding talks.”

"We must save our rivers, which have been seriously polluted and partly grabbed. Influential people whoever they are cannot be any barrier to the justified demands of common people."
speaker of the parliament.

"We shall do everything we can to save the soil and rivers of the country."
Agriculture Minister.
“The BGMEA building, which is located in the Hatirjheel project area, is still there and maybe will remain there," she has also said.

"The prime minister is gravely concerned about widespread river pollution around the capital as exposed by the media. The issue was also discussed at a recent cabinet meeting."
State Minister for Environment and Forest.

"Smoking causes many chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) including lung, vocal cord and larynx cancers, tuberculosis and upper respiratory tract infection."
National Tobacco Control Cell of World Health Organisation
He has also said: "As the ingredients of patar bidi are almost raw and unprocessed, the risk factors of such bidi smoking are more harmful for health."

"Inshallah, we will take all necessary measures to send more army and police to the peacekeeping missions for this purpose. The present government will do its best…"
prime minister.
She however has said, " "We want peace, not conflict."

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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