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     Volume 8 Issue 73 | June 12, 2009 |

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"The absence of a national crisis management committee comprising all ministries and forces, might result in a lack of coordination and waste of time. That could create a national crisis, or the public might lose confidence in the security forces."
A Report Made by the Army
placed before the Parliamentary Standing Committee
on the Defence Ministry.

"I got some ring from Indian cellphone numbers and an ADC received an SMS from a Bangladeshi cellphone number threatening him not to proceed with the matter of Daud Imrahim's aides."
Deputy Commissioner
Detective Branch
about the arrests of some members of the gang of Indian mafia-don Daud Ibrahim.

"These findings appear to be consistent with previous research that has shown that eating omega 3 poly-unsaturated fats as part of a balanced diet may help prevent the development of age-related macular degeneration."
A Spokewoman
a UK organisation which supports blind and partially blind people.
Salmon and mackerel are rich in Omega-3.

"I want to declare unequivocally that whoever the encroachers are, however powerful they are, they will be evicted."
prime minister
about those who encroach upon rivers.

When everyone is cooped up!

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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