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    Volume 8 Issue 74 | June 19, 2009 |

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Star Diary


The other day I went to Farmgate for some urgent work. I got down from the bus and was walking on the footpath to reach my destination when suddenly I saw a police sergeant openly smoking a cigarette on the road. I remember that a law was implemented a few years ago about banning or discouraging smoking in public. In this regard, the government had also imposed a fine of Tk 50. I guess the government was never really serious about it. Because when a law enforcing member is openly defying the law, why would anyone expect the common man to abide by it?

Md Zonaed Emran
University of Dhaka


Last Saturday my father took us for a drive to Savar. It's been a while since I went there and was anticipating a good trip. I imagined seeing greenery, feeling the fresh air and experiencing a very healthy atmosphere, which is highly improbable to be found in Dhaka. However, I was shocked when I entered the vicinity of Savar. People who have been there recently can comprehend my shock; everything seemed incorrect. There were markets, bus stands, petrol pumps, gas stations, billboards, and so forth, scattered all over the land I imagined would be green and fertile. The air was just as polluted and defiled. Then to my further distress, my father pointed out areas where people where intending to build apartments. Haven't we mushroomed Dhaka enough with malls and apartments, that now we are destroying other areas too? I guess this is what people term as 'urbanisation'.

Noshin Sharar

Act Now

I came across this incident a few days ago while coming back home from Dhanmondi. A person sitting in a car threw an empty bottle of a drink on the street. This is not a new story in Bangladesh but we do know about the facts of global warming. Then why shall we act as illiterates? We are constantly being informed about this issue through the newspapers and the television. Then why is it that we simply do not care? We cannot depend on the government only to fix things. We have to do our part as well. Remember there will be a difference only if we unite and work together.

Danish Ahmed.
Summerfield International School

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