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     Volume 8 Issue 74 | June 19, 2009 |

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"I came here on June 2 with kidney complications. I was upset getting substandard food like coarse rice, small piece of fish or meat as those were not sufficient for me. But surprisingly, I found quality food in the last three days."
Rahima Begum
A 20-year-old patient at Female Medicine Ward-21. Patients in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) are getting apparently improved diet after being provided with rotten food for years thanks to rampant irregularities by the authorities and food suppliers. DMCH Director Brig Gen Bazle Quader admitted to the ill practices that existed in the country's largest public hospital for ages. However, the administration no longer takes food items that fall short of standard weight and nutrition.

"(Rather) it was Rahmatullah and some officials of the World Bank, who tried to push the route through that point, with a vested interest of keeping all entry-exit points only with India."
Col (retd) Oli Ahmed
He vehemently denied that he had chosen Tamabil as the entry/exit point.

" The Tamabil route is about 600 kilometres to Imphal from Sylhet. It was a suicidal decision for Bangladesh. There was no reason for choosing this route, since the other route through Astagram could have been much shorter with a distance of only around 200 kilometres."
Dr M Rahmatullah
former director (transport) of UN-ESCAP.
The former minister, Col (retd) Oli Ahmed, apparently, chose a mountainous route instead of a short and more viable one for all, without offering any explanation.

"I had no other alternative. He would have died without any food."
Taslima Begum
a destitute mother, who allegedly sold her newborn son for Tk 2,000 to make sure someone keeps him alive and safe.
She gave birth to Saeed on June 5 at the temporary cyclone centre at the upazila parishad office where she had taken shelter during Aila. The cyclone battered her house at Jilekata village under the upazila on May 25.

‘Daylight Saving’

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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