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    Volume 8 Issue 75 | June 26, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Under Mucky Water

Scientists have already said that Bangladesh will drown in water within a few years if there is a rise in world temperature. The temperature is surely increasing with the rise in pollution. The water pollution is increasing as factories are dumping their wastes into the rivers. According to the news, the government needs to take actions against it but actually is not doing anything. The dark and mucky river is killing thousands of marine species everyday and also reducing the water supply in the country. This way, the underground water is getting contaminated and making the life of city dwellers miserable. If the government does not really take any action against those industries, the country will drown not in seawater but in filthy water. We had better start thinking about this and start working on it.

Danish Ahmed
Summerfield International School, Dhaka.

Intelligent Begging

Being a frequent bus traveller, I come across a lot of beggars. Most of them have their own style of begging - some sing, some give speech after speech and some recite from the Holy Quran. The other day while I was travelling, a man got on the bus and stood still for a minute. When I looked at him I thought he was a passenger. Then suddenly he took out a bundle of papers from his pocket and started distributing them to all the travellers on the bus. For a moment I was confused but when I went through the paper he gave, it was clear that he stating all the reasons behind why he needed money and financial help. This really shocked me. If he was a literate, why did he have to beg in this way? When asked about his education, he said that he had completed his SSC (Class 10). He lost his job recently and could not get a new one. He had no option but beg for money so that he can buy food for his family. Hearing this I felt sorry and decided to give him as much as I possibly could.

Rahim Sajwani

Moving towards Destruction
It was a beautiful sunny morning. I was walking to my coaching centre in Dhanmondi. I decided to relax for a while under the shade of a big tree. There were groups of birds everywhere, looking for food. Everything looked so peaceful and beautiful. All of a sudden I saw a teenage boy crying on the other side of the street. Eventually I got to know from the people around that three muggers snatched away the boy's mobile phone and all the money that he had with him. I often wonder- not only do we have a lot to learn from nature, we also have to work hard to eliminate all negative elements from the society together.

Purana Paltan.Dhaka

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