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     Volume 8 Issue 75 | June 26, 2009 |

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"Rajib's arrest helps us to understand that many highly educated people and brilliant students are involved with the banned outfit."
Director (operations) of the Rapid Action Battalion about the arrest of Rajib, chief of the information technology (IT) cell of the banned Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

"I download information on explosives from Internet, translate those in Bengali and send those to Mizan through Bashar."
the JMB's IT chief.

"The government has adopted three levels of steps to combat swine flu--case detection, outbreak control and service delivery."
Health and Family Welfare Minister
after the first case of swine flu has been detected in the country. He has also said, "Do not panic--only one case has been detected so far and the case was imported."

"Whereas good progress was made in reducing chronic hunger in the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, hunger has been slowly but steadily on the rise for the past decade."
Food and Agricultural Organisation
It has also said, "This year, mainly due to the shocks of the economic crisis combined with often high national food prices, the number of hungry people is expected to grow overall by about 11 percent."

‘Right to Information Act 2009’

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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