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    Volume 8 Issue 76 | July 3, 2009 |

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Star Diary


I was very happy and proud when the government had taken the decision of converting all the petrol run vehicles especially, auto-rickshaws into CNG- run vehicles. I felt happier when a ban was imposed on smoking inside the vehicles run by gas. In the first few years everyone followed the rules strictly but for the past couple of years, many bus drivers, conductors and auto rickshaw driers smoke while they drive, even though in many vehicles the 'No Smoking' signs are clearly pasted. The smokers don't realise the risk that they take because if the gas leaks out, it would kill hundreds. I have also seen a lot of passengers smoking when they are travelling by auto-rickshaws, which also encourages others to do the same. I think we should try to stop this once and for all.
Rahim Abu Ali Sajwani
North South University

A Pathetic Situation

I study in a public university. Each department organises a festival once in a year. Ours being one of the largest departments arranges a festival in a grand way. A few days back, we organised such a festival that lasted for three days. On the final day a grand concert was organised, where at least 8 to 10 bands performed which include some of the country's most respected and popular names as well. Being in the Third Year now, I am much more exposed to the happenings backstage. Bands and musicians are classified under two groups 'bheja khay' (takes wet) and 'shukna khay' (takes dry). This refers to the alcohol (bheja) and ganja (shukna), which the bands need prior to performing. It's pathetic to see this in concerts arranged to spread the message of saying no to drugs.
Shutrapur, Dhaka.

Commuting not Safe

A few months ago, my uncle (mama), after finishing his official work, was waiting for a bus in Dhanmondi at about 10:30 pm to his home in Savar. A bus stopped after a while before my uncle and moved away quickly after he got on. About half an hour later, about 7 or 8 so-called passengers suddenly got up and began to beat the other passengers with sticks. It was very clear to the passengers on board that a mugging was going to take place. Soon enough, their eyes were attacked with 'molom'. Then the muggers robbed the passengers off of their cell phones, wallets and other valuables. To make things worse, each passenger was let go randomly one by one by on the streets. This just proves that the law enforcers are not checking the 'molom' parties; rather these parties are increasing and becoming more and more active and innovative by the day. I think the government should look into this matter seriously, since commuting from one place to another has become extremely dangerous.
Mostafa Al Mahmud (Mamun)
Dhaka College, Dhaka

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