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     Volume 8 Issue 78 | July 17, 2009 |

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"I personally believe garment labourers were not involved in damaging their own factories from where they earn their livelihoods."
prime minister
saying, "Investigation is going on into the recent garment factory violence and we have already got some information."

" TIB's latest report 'Parliament Watch 2009' that became the talk of the town in the past week didn't have any ill intention."
former chairman
Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB).
He said that the words “quorum crisis” used in the newspaper report was not right, but it is a fact that most of the parliament sessions commenced late. “I don't have the information about any corruption of TIB officials, but if the government has any they can investigate it,” he has said, welcoming Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's intention to investigate TIB's activities and corruption allegations against its officials.

"My five year old son suffering from typhoid was admitted here for 13 days last month. Not only did I get all necessary drugs free of cost, but the food served to him was also very good. I couldn't have expected this a few years ago."
a patient's mother at Mitford Hospital.
Lately the 170-year-old hospital has gone through a sea change and has improved its quality of service.

"We should be targeting the parents and that is not something we have really done to date."
and leader of a UK obesity study.
A BBC report says that there is a strong link in obesity between mothers and daughters and fathers and sons, but not across the gender divide, research suggests.

North Korea celebrates American Independence Day

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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