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     Volume 8 Issue 80| July 31, 2009 |

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"It is not acceptable that identified corrupt people, who made crores of taka and amassed huge wealth through various illicit means, should come out clean"
quoted to have said in a meeting.
"Allegations of corruptions brought against many of them are substantial and have merit. The genuine corrupt people should face trial in order to eradicate corruption from society," she has also said.

"She is my leader. She directed me to join the council and I cannot but carry out her order. "
Former Awami League General Secretary who resigned prior to the party council.

"We continue to work on this proposal to ease the congestion and related difficulties for genuine visa applicants. A significant component of this solution would include tackling the overwhelming presence of 'touts and brokers' in the visa queue so that they do not harass genuine visa applicants. "
A Clarification
made by the Indian High Commission in Bangladesh.

"It takes around Tk 75,000 to grow kachur lati on a hectare of land. And the yield fetches on average Tk 3.50 lakh. "
Acting Deputy Director
Department of Agriculture Extension in Joypurhat.
Kachur lati (taro shoots) has now been exported to UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia and Kuwait.

"In our nine years, this is the biggest thing that has happened to Bangladesh cricket."
Stand-in Captain
Bangladesh cricket team
after Bangladesh's test series victory against the West Indies.

Cartoon by Tanmoy


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