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    Volume 8 Issue 82 | August 14, 2009 |

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Star Diary

The Shaheed Minar

Recently my friends and I paid a visit to the Dhaka University campus area and eventually went to visit the Shaheed Minar. As we reached there, we went closer to the stairs and were very disappointed to find that it was all dirty, stained and filled with thick dust. There was trash carelessly thrown everywhere. It is a shame that the Shaheed Minar that reminds us of the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for our sake, is cleaned only during the month of February. Otherwise it is neglected. If we really mean to pay respect to the martyrs, then we should take care of the monument. This way, we will be able to show the world our genuine feelings and not just fake it for one particular month.

Nishat Binte Mohiuddin
Maple leaf International

Teaching Values in Schools

Very recently, I joined a school to work as a teacher. The principal of that school is a very loving person. In fact, she goes out of her way to instil good habits and discipline in all her students. She genuinely wants her students to, not only excel in their studies, but also become good, smart and intelligent human beings when they grow up. On Anti-Tobacco day, I saw her bringing in two lung-cancer patients to discuss the hazards of smoking, with students. This really impressed me. In my school, we never had such arrangements and I am sure that in most schools this does not happen. If this was done on a regular basis in every school, I am sure that all the students would grow up as understanding, good-natured and hard working human beings.

Mousumi Islam

A Ridiculous Traffic Sergeant

A few days ago, I was travelling towards Azimpur from Mohammadpur in a taxi, when we reached the Science Laboratory Crossing. The traffic sergeant signalled for the vehicles on our road to stop. However, I suddenly heard the siren of an ambulance. I turned to my right and saw an ambulance was also not being allowed to go by the sergeant. Instead, he simply turned around and motioned for the traffic to move on, which was coming from Elephant Road. This made the man inside the ambulance annoyed, and thus he started swearing at the sergeant. The sergeant however, paid no heed. Then, three young men jumped on the road and stopped the traffic coming from Elephant Road and then signalled for the ambulance to move. I was surprised to see the lack of common sense in the traffic sergeant and was very pleased with those men who helped the ambulance to move. At least there are some people in our country with the sense of urgency, hats off to you guys!

Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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