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    Volume 8 Issue 86 | September 10, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Keeping Warm

Quite some time ago, my friend and I were coming home after our coaching. It was a sunny day and at the same time it was drizzling. We hired a rickshaw for coming home. The rickshaw puller was lighting a cigarette as he was cycling. We asked him not to do this while he was pulling the rickshaw. However, he replied back that he needed to feel warm, since he was feeling cold. I am not sure if smoking a cigarette would keep one warm or not, but I do not think that this was a healthy way of doing so. Most taxi drivers and rickshaw pullers in our country think, however, that smoking is the quickest and the cheapest way to keep warm. They need to be made aware that this is not the case, rather they are slowly killing themselves through this bad habit.

Mousumi Islam
Chandgaon, Chittagong

Recently, for an inter school recitation contest, I along with my father took a CNG-run auto rickshaw to reach the venue. After we reached, my father found his cell phone missing. He was sure that he had left it inside the three-wheeler. He called his cell phone from mine to track it down. It was ringing but there was no response. After a long time someone received the call and told him that he would return the cell phone back if my father would give his whereabouts. My father did that and we were standing by the side awaiting the stranger's arrival. Suddenly I saw someone waving at us. Rushing there we met the CNG-run auto rickshaw driver with a big smile on his face. He gave the cell phone back to my father. That day I learnt the true meaning of values from the driver, while being thoroughly depressed by the actions of the multi-millionaires in our country who loot people's money. It is simply impossible to forget the driver who later on refused to take the money that my father had offered him for returning the cell phone.

Anurata Prabha Hridi
Viqarunninsa Noon School and College

An Exasperated Passenger

The other day, I, along with one of my friends, was going to our college by bus. After getting on the bus, the conductor of the bus came to us to receive the fare and we paid it. Meanwhile, one of the passengers sitting on our nearby seat began to shout. From his words, we all came to know that his purse has been stolen. Surprisingly enough, initially, he suspected that the conductor had picked his pocket. Without any delay, the conductor's pockets were checked, but the purse was not found. The passenger, however, would not stop screaming at the top of his lungs. He still accused the conductor of stealing his purse and would not listen to the conductor's pleas to stay calm and sit down. He also kept saying that he had not stolen the purse. But the passenger would not listen and went on screaming. To make matters worse, he took the conductor's cell phone and declared that he would get it back only when his cell was returned. Finally, an elderly passenger angrily stopped the man from shouting and asked him to remember if he had left it at home by mistake. He also asked him to stop accusing the conductor, even after checking him for the purse. After a while, the passenger had to return the cell phone back to the conductor. We were all irritated with the passenger's behaviour.

Ashim Kumar Paul
Government Edward College

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