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    Volume 8 Issue 87 | September 18, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Helping a Child

Marium, a street urchin, strives to survive in the Dhaka streets. In spite of being disabled, the child is always smiling maybe because she doesn't understand the cruelties of life. Almost every day, the bus stops at the traffic signal when an innocent looking child is seen paying on her own. What attracts my attention is her writing ability. The idea one day struck my mind, what if I could raise some fund for her schooling? Unfortunately that idea never bloomed. In fact my friends weren't very encouraging either. They said that there was nothing we could do for the child; there were plenty of children wandering the streets who needed money for food, leave alone schooling. Helping just one child may not solve anything. But I can try to help just one child and bring a lot of difference in her life. Similarly, if we all take the responsibility of one street child each, I am sure that eventually, this problem can be solved.
Tanvir Ibna Shafi
BRAC University

Iftar Delight

The other day I was returning home from Shahbag to Basabo by bus. On the way our bus got stuck in front of the Motsho Bhaban because of the terrible jam. It almost Iftar time and I did not know what to do. As I was wondering, I saw a small stall temporarily built in the middle of the road by the traffic signal. That particular stall served dates and mineral water for people who were fasting, sponsored by a telecom company. I felt very grateful to this telecom company. It is a fact that the traffic jams in Dhaka are now beyond under control and getting worse by the day. So this provision for the people who are fasting will give some sort of relief during the month of Ramadan.
Md Tahmidul Islam
College Of TextileTechnology

A Jammed Situation

Afew days ago, I was going to my campus from my residence in Mohammadpur. I was on the bus and suddenly my bus halted in a bad traffic jam in Dhanmondi. As the weather was quiet nice outside, I put my head out of the bus for some fresh air. What I saw dumbfounded me. Some rickshaws and motorbikes, to beat the traffic jam, shifted to the footpath from the road! Encroaching the footpath this way is not only illegal but also can cause accidents. Besides, the pedestrians face a lot of problems walking as well. This has to be stopped by the authorities immediately.
Mohammad Zonaed Emran
University of Dhaka

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