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     Volume 8 Issue 87 | September 18, 2009 |

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Photo Feature

Braving the Shopping Wars

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

While traffic jams are a way of life for Dhaka dwellers, it always reaches an impossible peak during Ramadan. And it is not because of the rush to head home to break the fast but the onslaught of determined shoppers who make Dhaka streets and shopping malls look like a battlefield. the shoppers, braving gridlock, pickpockets and virulent rivals vying for the same garment or shoe, they go on and get what they want for Eid.

1. The race is on with the fast and the furious.
2. Is there an end to this ordeal?
3. The trick is to use each finger as a bag holder.
4. Too many choices can give one a headache.
5. Plastic beauties. So what if they are not real?
6. Break time is anytime, anywhere, during Eid shopping.
7. Is this what I really want? Let's go change it.
8. The hypnotic effect of Eid shopping.
9. Best part of the battle, inspecting the spoils with loved ones.
10. Do we really have time to inspect your bag, let's get on with it please?
11. The best part of Eid shopping, going out together.
12. Maybe just one more...
13. Eid shopping is all about how fast you can look, buy and speed off home before iftar.








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