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     Volume 8 Issue 89 | October 9, 2009 |

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"Bangladesh has raised the issue for inclusion of Nepal and Bhutan in the transit during the talks with India on different occasions in the past."
prime minister
to Economic Affairs Minister of Bhutan Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk.

"We came to know about the matter from a few locals on Saturday. We rushed to the place and saw some day-labourers were erecting the house. When we objected to the construction of the house, the leaders simply ignored us."
Deputy General Manager
Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC)
about the building of Bangladesh Mahila League's (BML) office on a land allocated to BSC. The BML denies the allegation.

"We are taking help from some foreign countries to lodge our claims to the UN. However, we will submit our claim by the stipulated time and urge the international community to resolve it on equity basis."
He has also said, "Bangladesh signed the UN Convention on the law of the sea called (UNCLS) in 2001 and under the law we are obligated to lodge our claim on the maritime boundary by 2011."

Cartoon by Tanmoy


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